Why Do Motherboards Still Have PS2 Ports?

Why Do Motherboards Still Have PS2? You’ve got likely taken note that all present-day motherboards still have PS2 associations. Sometimes recently, during the USB presentation, most keyboards and mice were utilized to put through employing PS2 ports.

Motherboards Have PS2

However, with the improvement of new technologies, this has ended up an out-of-date interface which is why it may well be astounding for a few individuals to see its nearness on modern hardware. In this post, I’ll tell you everything there’s to know approximately PS2 ports and why they are still pertinent in modern-day computing.

But to begin with, I’ll reply to the most important question, which is: 

Why do motherboards still have PS2?

The reason why motherboard producers proceed to incorporate PS2 ports is that they need their items to be harmonious with more seasoned components as well. Since most gadgets haven’t been updated, however, there are chances that somebody will attempt interfacing them through this Port without checking in the event that it is really accessible or not.

Secondly, PS2 ports back a multi-key acknowledgment highlight which is critical for a part of clients requiring enrollment of different keys at the same time. PS2 ports permit quick enrollment by hindering the processor more straightforwardly than USB ports. There are still these ports on numerous motherboards, and they are demonstrated by color and symbols: Purple is for the keyboard, and Green is for the mouse. Now and then, combo ports work with both peripherals but are associated with the same Port employing a splitter.

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Why Do Motherboards Still Have PS2

What are the Main Features of a PS2 port?

Motherboards have been using the PS2 Port for many years because they are more reliable in comparison with USB ports due to their amazing features, which are specified below:

No Drivers Required:

At whatever point a PC is associated with a USB port, the computer must know what you’re interfacing to. The PC recognizes the keyboard once you interface it to a PS / 2 port without any help from you. A computer comes with particular ports for both keyboard and mouse, which makes it easier to recognize. It is continuously conceivable to put through a keyboard to this Port in any case of what working framework you’re utilizing or what BIOS you’re in.

Supported with N-Key Rollover:

The popular highlight of gaming keyboards that permits us to press as numerous keys at the same time as we need without getting cluttered is the main characteristic of PS / 2 ports. For this reason, numerous proficient gamers are inclined toward utilizing these sorts of ports rather than ordinary USBs.

It Never Fails:

In expansion to the over, after you boot the PC, the PS / 2 port loads indeed before the BIOS or processor information, and it truly has the control to hinder CPU instructions. This implies that it always works, no matter what you are doing until you turn off the main power. Because of this reason, it is ideal for BIOS upgrades, firmware loads, and fundamentally what you would like.


PS2 ports specifically hinder the processor as they are dynamic before beginning the bios. This makes the enlistment of keys speedier than all the other forms. On the off chance that we seek the network speed, it connects faster before booting the system, but you’ve got to reboot a framework before interfacing these, which makes this process a bit slower.

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All of the over too implies that it is sacred. You cannot remotely get to a PS / 2 fringe in any way as there’s no firmware, driver, or program included. It is immaculate and hard equipment of your system.

What are the Advantages of a PS2 port?

Comfort is the greatest viable advantage of having both PS/2 and USB ports on your motherboard. On the off chance that you’re building or overhauling a really old PC, there is a great chance that there are not any free USB ports in reach for mice and keyboards in a running system.

In that case, PS/2 ports are essential to keep your system booting up properly. In cases where you include fresh fringe, in spite of the fact that having USB ports around can make it much less demanding to introduce the electronic device in an out of locating (or inaccessible) Port.

In any case, the most reason why numerous motherboards still come prepared with PS/2 ports is that they’re a straightforward way for producers to cut costs. After all, in case you’re looking at utilizing the same chip-set on the number of boards – or indeed more regrettable, employing a cheaper form of a more seasoned chip-set that isn’t as broadly utilized anymore – they might not have any free USB ports accessible to them and thus require something else to operate their keyboard and mouse.

What are the Limitations of a PS2 port?

If PS2 ports have a part of points of interest, they moreover come with a few limitations as well.

PS2 ports do not have any plug-and-play included. For this reason, you need to restart your PC to utilize a mouse or a keyboard in PS2 ports. If we talk about a PS2 port, keyboard, or a mouse, these all are particular for those computers which are coming with PS2 ports. Most of the motherboards have two ports in which one can be used for a keyboard, and the other one can be used for a mouse.

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Why do some of the Motherboards still have these Ports?

On the off chance that you have got perused the previous area of this article, you’ll envision it. By and large, present-day motherboards and more high-end motherboards do not incorporate it since it is complicated on the off chance that it is very difficult to look for peripherals that utilize this interface.

In any case, it is simple to discover connectors from PS / 2 to USB and bad habit versa. As we have clarified, there are numerous points of interest in having a coordinated association by PS / 2 to the PC, so nowadays, many individuals still request it. It truly costs producers nothing to actualize it on the motherboard. So, you as of now know: PS / 2 ports can be ancient, moderate, and aged, but there is nothing more reliable than these.


The number of clients still requires the enrollment of numerous keys at the same time. PS2 ports include a multi-key acknowledgment. Compared to USB ports, PS2 ports are quicker at enlisting since they directly hinder the processor.

On many of the Motherboards, still, the keyboard port and the mouse port are present, and their color and symbol show their usefulness: Purple is for the keyboard, and Green is for the mouse. Network to PS2 ports does not require any drivers; in any case, a reboot is required. Windows requires drivers to work on USB ports as they are straightforwardly associated with the main operating system.

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