What is EATX Motherboard? – Definition and Functionality Complete Guide

Are you familiar with many motherboards from factors that are very rich with many additional functions? These form factors work to organize the extent of various motherboards. Many people have no basic info about these form factors. There are many, but in this article, we will enlighten you about what is eatx motherboard. Let me explain its features.

What is EATX Motherboard?

Eatx Motherboard stands for Extended ATX motherboard that is considered the form factor of various species of MOBO. After 1995 Eatx motherboard is referred to as the king of the motherboard structure components of the whole ATX generation.

This eatx form factor influences in many directions the particle format in the eatx motherboard. To learn about what is eatx motherboard is proved very fruitful for the users because of its functions and stability. This extended atx motherboard is very rich in dual capability and potential and is tremendous for some requisitions.

This form factor is significantly superior to the other due to its reliable performance in every section, especially in the bottom expansion slots. Additionally, 330 mm vast and 305 mm height—sometimes eatx motherboard help build a PC support dual RAM and CPUs as comparable ATX definition.

We can choose it for one excellent reason that is vast expansion slots but not only CPUs, RAM, but GPUs also expect to be slotted in because the desire for expansion slot is highly indicting by the multiple features PC.

This Eatx structure factor is about 12 x 13 inches. That’s why it is incredibly excellent advice. Furthermore, it was also backing a considerable collection of RAM and various Graphics Cards. Under the various extraordinary components, this form factor can furnish authentic fulfillment for game lovers and experienced persons. 

For your help, we’ll compare eatx with many additional form factors like ATX. With EATX, you can furnish your layout and structure with other recollection and RAM power.

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What is EATX Size, functionality, and Cost?

As we memorized the eatx motherboard definition at the top of this article. Now we spread the traditional knowledge related to its size and procedure. Also, the price will help you get it for various additional benefits because it is rendered for servers that support the extra capacity to encompass the hardware for the sake of dash server benefits. 

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1. Functionality

Eatx motherboard is one the largest part of the atx branches that is the reason for its grand functions that support its stable support various ports. Furthermore, EATX can be prepared with six and maximum 8 RAM power and 4 to 8 PCIe x 16 ports; if you go deep, you learn more about its function.

If you go with an EATX motherboard, you can skillfully install two and many other graphics cards. Your choice is to perform SLI or Crossfire. But there is a reasonable expense for various cards. You can fill your motherboard with extra RAM with EATX. 

  • RAM

With eatx, you can get an unlimited quantity of RAM that will count on someone’s e atx spec and support many RAM slots. Likewise, with the permission to attain 256GB of RAM, its various DIMM slots are wondering under six and eight. But before the drastic request, you must confirm your remembering sections for your computer to perform with predictable conditions. 

  • USB and Ethernet port

Moreover, it is one of the essential eatx motherboard dimensions because it helps obtain extra and further exterior ports. And its necessary work subsists that you recoup way to rapid and robust ethernet ports. Additionally, it will help you to attach many other appliances to your software. For example, an external storage device that can easily connect with computers.

  • PCI-E slots

Another function and factor of this motherboard are essential for gamers and many other users. 

Due to its format, you can get more benefits in the form of extra and double ports. Various eatx form factors support different PCI Express slots, but in some cases, you obtain PCI-E X16. Because this PCI-E X16 gives boosted roaming up to 4GB/s individual orientation, this procedure will help users divide the graphics procedure quantity between various GPUs. 

  • Repository or storage

Storage is one of the necessary peripherals that can be expanded to the PCI Express slots. It has many functions like it is furnished with many SATA ports under the amount of 6. This Intel’s Optane device grants you to improve and promote your computer’s various functions and achievements by stimulating rapid information. Additionally, with SATA, you will pertain to multiple portions for extra storage. 

  • Dual CPU

This is the plus point of eatx form factor that many motherboards of eatx can drive on two CPUs. It implies that you receive double achievement of one CPU. No doubt that an individual processor does not perform well, but on the other hand, a motherboard with double processor motherboards will satisfy you with its performance and stability. This form factor offers 10th Gen i7 and Intel Core X and Intel Xeon series processors.

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2- Size

Generally speaking, the EATX motherboard is very vast in its eatx size. 

This e atx motherboard size is 12 x 13. Its size is equipped with extra inches size because there is a lot of additional eatx spec and storage to put up at the different hardware for the server tasks. Due to its extra 2 inches, you can enjoy the Dual RAM and improved its size for the GPU. As we understand its immensity, its wider size shows they keep sufficiently warmth excessiveness. 

3- Expense 

If we talk about the price, this e atx mobo is very luxurious than the other multiple motherboard form factors. Its functions are very grand and furnished with many extra slots for memory. In all its features, this eatx motherboard definition stands at first.

That’s why it has a double price. But this is not difficult for you to purchase because it is accessible in markets. You can get some eatx motherboards at the lowest price, but their functions are not performed well. We suggest you buy an enormous trial. If your eatx board is not stable and its case is not preferable for the motherboard, there is a severe issue for the performance and durability.

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Best For Gamers, Graphics experts, And server PC. 

Best eatx motherboards for gamers

As we know, what eatx motherboard stands for extra expansion slots for storage, but most users or many other ordinary people are ignorant about what is eatx motherboard and never know how to use it for classified performance and stability. In this article, we give you information about who can choose it for your PC. So, they can use it according to your requirements and its functions. 

  • Gamers

Some gamers become confused while selecting the motherboard. But if they are searching in some elevated frame probability background with three and many other primes of the streak graphics card inaugurated on various 4K Screen panoramic impression. Then they must choose it for additional functions from the eatx form factors.

  • Graphics Experts

The people who have to build and generate huge events in 2D and 3D and the further subject author for enormous creations. We can help people who want to develop and generate a 10-second clip. Nevertheless, if we examine it deeply, we understand that operating heavy editing video software will expect you to retain an effective system. With eatx you can get off with a slighter form aspects panel in some outbreaks, but for substantial outputs. 

  • Server PCs 

Eatx motherboards are for the server motherboard because it requires supporting elevated accomplishment chipsets and back I/O. With this motherboard, you can stock and bottleneck the whole information in interior storage.

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What is the distinction between Atx and Eatx motherboard?

 Suppose we discover both these computer motherboards definition. In that case, we learn that eatx motherboard is interpreted as 12 inches long and 13 inches broad, but on the other hand, if we look at atx computer definition, then we realize,atx motherboard is 12 inches high and 9.6 inches deep. And it also supports extra space for chipset as well as PCI-e slots.

What does Eatx stand for?

E atx motherboard stands for Extended Atx computer definition. It is also considered one of the massive versions of the ATX motherboard definition with a large format, and it gives you more expansion slots for memory and storage. An eatx motherboard holds a dual-socket.

Can we rebuild Atx MOBO in Eatx?

This answer is straightforward and understood because we can easily adjust eatx cases in atx motherboard. Atx motherboards have nine supporting holes, but on the other hand, Eatx motherboard has 12 supporting holes. We can rebuild nine holes, but the prevailing three supporting holes are due to the expanded duration of the eatx motherboard.


In our final thought, we are sure that you comprehended a lot about what is eatx motherboard. You will be realized that the eatx motherboard is furnished with many functions like PCI-e, RAM, and USB and Ethernet port that gives you duality in performance. It’s big, and the larger size will help you in every supportive function that assists your PC. This motherboard definition is equipped with unlimited slots and additional benefits that enhanced its quality than the other atx motherboards family. You can pick this one for continuous functions, but a little bit costly.

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