What are the two main components of the Motherboard? Complete Guide

Are you standing with the components that you used in your motherboard? But basically, many people are ignorant of the one question: what are the two main components of the Motherboard. It is not very rigorous to learn about this because we will inform you about this article’s point. But before discussing the motherboard’s main components, we will discuss a question essential for knowing what the motherboard is.

What is the Motherboard?

Motherboard stands for MOBO and is also named PCB (Printed Circuit Board), which creates the union between the various components like CPU, RAM, Memory slots, GPU, Keyboard, and other various components so that they will help you in a unique performance.

It also plays a vital role in data switched from one component to another component. If you explore your motherboard, you discover some various cables pertained to hard drives and authorize the understanding connection between them.

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What are the two main components of the motherboard?

About motherboard is a circuit board that contains many components and helps them shift the data and information to the various components and connect them for quick results. But many people remain ignorant about the most essential and required elements or components.

They never know about what are the two main components of the motherboard when they purchase a motherboard. But they need to read this article carefully for the selection of the best motherboard and better performance. There are a lot of components, and they perform according to their capabilities and have different tasks.

Some of the components are important and significant, and some others are not very significant as well as their role is minimal. But we will review the two main components that are RAM and CPU.

CPU ( The Central Processing Unit)


The CPU (Central Processing Unit) is an important component of the motherboard. This device of any motherboard conducted all the processing for some connected peripheral equipment. Multi peripherals encompassed drum, disk, printers, and card reader, and some other equipment.

But there is some peripheral equipment, and they have a considerable percentage of power that helps in quantity some systematic responsibility from the central processing unit.

There was a time when PC support hardly one CPU, and they are bound to execute one stint at a time. But nowadays, the whole situation is changed because CPUs hold and associate some processors.

But the whole discussion proves that the CPU enforces the instructions that rebuild a setup and agendas. CPU is also named as the main processor, and it stands first among the other components. It has some preprocesses restricted by teaching in a system like arithmetic, controlling, and I/O.

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1- CPU Socket

CPU Socket is the part where your processor is launched. Your CPU is very crucial for your PC. That’s why we recommend the CPU best and its functions to choose from n you decide to pick a motherboard. If you desire that your motherboard socket perform well, then your CPU’s friendly is essential for working. There is a list of some CPU sockets.

  • sockets 1366

This socket is assisted by the delinquent processors i-7 900 with 1366 pins.

  • Socket 1156

This motherboard is equipped with 1156 pins socket that organizes the motherboards’ overdue kinds—this socket backing the delinquent processors i-3, i-5, and i-7.

  • Socket 775

This CPU socket comfort the Inter dual-core processors C2D, P-3, and Xeon with the 775 pins.

  • Socket370.

Celeron processor and Pentium-3 processor is promoted by 370 pin socket CPU.

  • Socket 7

This CPU socket is favored the abandoned processor just as Cyrix M2 and Intel Pentium  1/2 MMX AMD k5/K6 with 321 pin socket.

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2- Functions of CPU

There are many functions of CPU, but while collecting in the procedure of decoding information CPU needs and fulfill some main advantages and points :

  • Recoup

It is also one of the CPU’s main functions because all the data is cataloged in recollection and retains address. After that, the CPU should enforce processors with this address volume from the board for all the information.

  • Decode

All the strategies and techniques to be committed are clarified into the convention info, but these assembly or convention codes can b decoded into the basic binary information.

  • Implement

When we look at the implement knowledge and instructions, our CPU can perform some task like shifting the data or whole information from one unit or setting o another direction, jerk to a numerous address, and analyzing with its ALU.

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3- Multi-core processor

All the proposals with evaluating aspects can be drive by multicore processors. This function by CPU has further many dominant cores. Cores are related to proper processors as well, as they enforce some strategy instructions. But the main reason for multi-core is very authentic because it can operate some basic info.

  • Single Core CPU

If we talk about the PC of some old times, we realize that former computer CPU functional in single Core CPU. Because the component that is highly used is the CPU at that time, and all the functions that we essential not perform well. That’s why output decreases were striking than one request.

All the systems take time to perform the first task after completing a given task, and then they will perform the other task because the gadgets are not performing rapidly.

  • Dual-Core CPU

As the name is clear that this core CPU  supports two fundamental CPUs. The dual-core CPU performs better than the single-core CPU  because if we examine, then we know about the dual-core CPU  rapid performance. It performs various functions significantly. With the dual-core CPU, SMT is expected to be carried out on the operating procedure and its functioning.

  • Quad-Core CPU

Quad-Core CPUs are considered multi-core CPUs with various cores on a solo CPU. In addition, Quad-Core settles and smashes the workload between the various cores. However, This quad-core has four cores as well as each core is pertained to the different circuits classified by the chip.

4- Sufficient CPU for gaming

CPU for gaming

It is not a system task for everyone to select the best CPU motherboard for gaming because everyone has no proper knowledge about the CPU and its functions and power. With CPU  graphics card is also required for better response because GPU impacts the harsh farm probabilities.

CPU is not as significant for the procedure’s whole performance because it plays a vital role in operating a PC. If you want to run your CPU for a long time, you take care of your  CPU’s temperature. Because if your CPU processors become hot, it may create some issues when you use a motherboard for gaming.

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RAM( Random Access Memory)

Random Access Memory

If we start our discussion about the two main components of a motherboard, then RAM is essential because it stands first among all the components of a motherboard. RAM is your PC’s procedure recollection (system memory) encompasses physical memory.

This storage box is not like hard drives that stand data and information eternally. Bumotherboards hand, it collects and saves data and all the information just for some time when your system fetches the list, then your struggle as a digital countertop to accomplish the responsibilities.

Although, RAM is a kind of PC  information repository that helps is saving the data repeatedly used program instructions to improve the speed of the PC. RAM is UTIlized as the fundamental memory of the motherboard.

Moreover, the RAM is also utilized by the central processing unit when your PC is operating to reserve the whole knowledge and access it rapidly. RAM appliances are incorporated circuits to conserve the whole basic evidence. RAM authorizes powerful record to the information.

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1- Functions of RAM

RAM and these processes are to act as an abrupt depository of information and skill instructions that can be permitted rapidly by the CPU. But we will talk about the essential functions of RAM in PC.

  • Momentary storage

This is one of the main functions because it permits the momentary storage of the required information on the RAM processor while the catalog is borrowed. Ram also stored the basic information that strategies are employing energetically.

The data or information which is not essential and necessary will be stored in the momentary storage because the data is temporarily not permanent. But there is one point that if your system mart the momentary data on RAM for some time, it permits your procedure to struggle rapidly and productive and boosts its speed for quick results.

  • Reading Files

This function is one of very grand among all the other significant works that RAM performs. There is one source of data storing and reserve a handsome amount of files and objective uncertainty procedures. Because the hard drive dispersed the file and any record is not easy to recoup from the hard drives.

For that reason, sometimes we lost our files but to record these files, hard drives need to change positions in its system and Wait for some moments until the right connection of platters.  If your system works very fast despite this validity, this preparing if files are not very easy but a very severe uncertainty because your process supplies the whole information and data files in the RAM.

2- RAM performance

Size is an essential part of every component. But if we talk about the RAM processor. Many PC supports only 4 GB and some other support 8GB of RAM. But actually, the undertaking edition of windows 8 has heavy results of 512GB of RAM.

But on the other hand, the hard drive size extent from some hundred gigabytes in some software to 10TB, and other PC have 1 and 4TB of the hard drive. However, RAM is an essential component of a motherboard because it supports the whole performance, increases the speed of the processor, saves the data, and provides momentary storage.

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3-RAM Slot

Slots of random access memory are a precious part of a motherboard. There are various multiple slots of RAM where you point the RAM modules.

There are DDR3 slots Double Data 3rd gen that easily supplanted with DDR4. Because once DDR3 ideal with RAM but DDR4 is a recent ideal. SIMM Slot consents a 32-bit bus while DIMM slot can run wiDevi 64-bit bus. Also, M.2 SSD, M.2 slots are considered as the replacement of mSATA precept. On the other hand, M.2 SSD can perform better with huge storage in understanding devices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the CPU retain memory?

The answer is minimal and easy, but many people are unaware that the CPU has no memory because it is not part of the CPU. CPU is the main board and a central processing unit; the unit belongs to the electronic circuitry that enforces classified system instructions.

  • What are the two main components of the motherboard?

A motherboard is considered the heart of a PC as well as named as the mainboard.  A motherboard has unlimited components that work in different systems, and the motherboard creates a connection between them.

But the question that is asked by people mostly is what are the two main components of the motherboard.  The central processing unit(CPU) and Random Access Memory(RAM) are the motherboard’s two main compartments. But there are additional components like expansion slots, BIOS, chipset, and so on.

  • What’s component is crucial RAM or CPU?

Suppose we make a comparison between them. In that case, we prefer RAM. Because RAM is as substantial as the processor, RAM’s heavy faction on PC optimizes achievements, and RAM can assist the numerous categories of software.  RAM is an essential core for PC. That’s why RAM is better than CPU.

  • Does RAM boost CPU speed?

If you have a fast RAM Processor, it is quite a strategy to connect with the other components. With extra and rapid RAM, you can evaluate the breakneck speed of RAM. With extra and rapid RAM, you can enhance the momentum at which recollection shifter knowledge and data to the various distinct features.


We sum up our whole discussion that you can now easily discover the two main components of the motherboard. Some times we feel difficulty to choose the best components motherboard with extra functions and quality. According to your desire, we tell the whole basic information about CPU( Central Processing Unit) and RAM (Random Access Memory).

These components are essential, but there are other highly required components for better performance, but these two are the very best and stand at the top among all the components. If you choose any motherboards with less RAM and CPU processors, you meet many scatters and dangers.

That’s why while purchasing the best motherboard for gaming and working, you must concentrate on all the components but especially the CPU and RAM. This helps you understand the CPU and RAM functions, so you read this article carefully.

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