Replace Motherboard or Buy New Laptop

No, I Suggest you buy a new laptop instead because the costliest part of a laptop is its motherboard. Changing it can’t be done in some XYZ shops because …

I have a Toshiba laptop that I use daily for school and work. Recently, the laptop has been experiencing frequent shutdowns (approximately every 10 minutes) and requires me to restart it. After investigating online, I found the “replace motherboard” answer on multiple sites and began to follow this solution as well as the one where you replace your “AC Adapter“.

Today, when my computer was about halfway through its next shut down cycle, I made an attempt at resetting my AC adapter by pressing the small button on it. The computer instantly turned off when I pressed it. When attempting to turn on again a few minutes later, nothing has happened. No lights indicating charging or powering up/down, just completely dead.

Buy A New Laptop

I really Suggest You for New laptop the motherboard has the CPU and in many cases GPU and memory soldered on to it, therefore when you buy a new motherboard you are also buying any components that are soldered on and so the motherboard may be the most expensive replacement part you can buy for a laptop, that said older motherboards that are still available can be relatively inexpensive.

replace Motherboard or Buy New Laptop

First, if you want a laptop for any kind of up-to-date gaming forget it, unlike desktops, laptop GPUs (with possible exceptions) can’t be updated, and GPUs on laptops are low-powered and obsolete within a few years (if not months) of buying it. If you have other uses for your high end, once gaming, laptop see below

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When holding down the power button to force it off and then attempting again, my laptop does not respond at all. I checked my outlet and tried a different one of course just to be sure what could potentially save me time and money later on. Lastly, took out my battery as well as power cord in case something was wrong with them as well.

Now here I am writing this post from an old desktop that’s connected wirelessly to the internet because another computer solution online told me that if you cannot replace your motherboard or purchase a new laptop for whatever reason, you can attach two wires (one of which is either green/red) directly from the plug going into your wall outlet to the “hole marked ‘AC’ socket..”. However, after

Replace Motherboard

Sup everyone! I have a working Lenovo Y510p laptop. I was replacing the thermal paste a couple of months ago, and I apparently didn’t handle the motherboard properly. The battery won’t charge, but I still can use it without it. The problem is that I suffer from sporadic power outages and I do tend to move a lot, making the battery a must. Today I just got Windows corrupted: It boots to the desktop, but all the programs hang on load, and the Wireless Network adapter isn’t detected in the network pane (It does show up in the Device Manager).

I ran SFC immediately, and of course, it found issues. I will need to do further troubleshooting which is going to take a lot of time. Now. I was almost going to buy a new motherboard for $160. That should get my battery working again. But I was thinking whether I should stretch my budget and grab something for $600. I usually like to buy high-end laptops that I know they can last for a couple of years (1-3 years gaming before the internal card becomes obsolete, and 4-5 doing actual work). The problem is that it’s an awful time to purchase high-end future-proof laptops. Most laptops come with Pascal 10 cards (Yes, they are still good… but they’re going to be 2, 3 years old).

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The RTX mobile lineup isn’t going to come until Q2 of next year, and the actual processing power of Intel has stagnated since 2015 (There’s no significant performance increase between my 4700MQ and 8700H, except for those 2 last additional cores). If I were to buy a new laptop I would go something that matches my current spec. Please note that the laptop works perfectly (except for the battery issue), and I’d like to keep it for more years to come (At least 3 more). But I do tend to listen and reason people’s advice, and I’d do what it’s best.

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