Motherboard ASUS vs MSI vs Gigabyte?

check Motherboard Asus vs MSI vs GigabyteA motherboard has been likened to a backbone, as it supports everything the rest of the computer does and is the central component. Without the motherboard, the other parts wouldn’t be able to connect or communicate with each other, and it’s an essential piece even if it’s not one of the flashiest.

All three of these brands make great motherboards, but which one is the best? That’s what we’re here to find out. Read this blog post and learn about all three boards so you can decide for yourself!

Motherboard showdown ASUS vs MSI vs Gigabyte

Motherboard ASUS Motherboard MSI
Products Motherboard ASUS Motherboard MSI Gigabyte Motherboard
CPU Socket
Socket AM4
LGA 1200
Socket AM4
RAM Technology DDR4
Memory Speed
4400 MHz
4800 MHz 3600 MHz
Memory Storage
128 GB
128 GB
64 GB
MSI Z490 AMD Ryzen 7
Item Weight
2.38 lbs
4 pounds
‎2.95 pounds

Asus Z97-A vs MSI Z97 PC Mate & Gigabyte GA-Z97x-UD3H


In this motherboards review, we’ll look at three great boards from two renowned manufacturers, Gigabyte and MSI. I present to you the Asus Z97-A, followed by the MSI Z97 PC Mate and then the Gigabyte GA-Z97x-UD3H. All are great motherboards but it’s gonna be a close battle to the finish!

We’re comparing these boards in terms of Design, Overclocking, Performance, and Features. If you think we have missed something or that some information is incorrect then please let us know in the comments section below. We welcome your feedback so we can improve our reviews for you!

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Design This category will look at how each motherboard looks and feels. Looks don’t make a board but they sure help sell it as does the ease of use. Aesthetic things such as PCB color, heatsink colors, chipset cooling, etc are what this category looks at.

Asus Z97-A

This motherboard has a black PCB which is nice, the board stands out as being different from every other board that we have reviewed recently. The heatsinks are quite plain with white caps but they do their job of cooling down the chipset and regulators. Overall this is a great looking motherboard even though it doesn’t have many decorative features.

MSI Z97 PC Mate

This motherboard also has a black PCB and is one of the best looking ones that we have seen in recent times, it’s very well put together. The heatsinks are white with MSI written on them which looks quite nice and they come equipped with LED lights to make them glow cosmetic

Gigabyte GA-Z97x-UD3H

This motherboard also has a black PCB which looks great, the VRM heatsinks are red and look amazing. The CPU VRM heatsinks are black with a blue stripe down them which looks really good. Overall this is one of the best-looking motherboards that we have reviewed.


All of these motherboards look good, only the Asus motherboard has a black PCB so is unique which makes it stand out to us, they all have their own distinct styles and are all great-looking boards. The Gigabyte motherboard just wins this category due to its VRM cooler looks.

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