How to Clean a Motherboard? – Guide about Cleaning a Dirty Motherboard

Are you inattentive to finding the cleaning methods, but you have no sources to access the complete information about how to clean a dirty motherboard?

We know very well about the users’ difficulty, so don’t forget to go through this writing piece. It will help you in your awareness. Here is quick deep cleaning process to remove dust particles.

How to clean a motherboard

To clean a motherboard is a prerequisite to erase the ashes and sand from the motherboard that helps using the motherboard without any issues and dangers because the motherboard works like a soul in a PC. You can protect your computer with the instructions and knowledge of how to clean a motherboard?

Hence, there is a crucial and challenging task to detach the tenacious and sprinkles elements and a dangerous job. The motherboard is a very significant and meaningful part of a PC. That’s why we wish not to face any problem with it. But a single defect in the motherboard can create issues, and further, it can disturb and influence the performance.

Likewise, we keep an eye on our Motherboard’s performance that all the functions mingled with one another and appropriate strength to be equipped to dispose of its daily grinds. Therefore, we take care of a motherboard like a baby because the more it active, than will work for the long-term.

But suppose we don’t look after it regularly. In that case, the motherboard could get excessively and undesirably hot, fail to hold up all functions, and badly, it may damage your PC and present ill performance due to the heap of dust and tinny particles stop you from working properly.

Besides, we make sure about the Motherboard’s predicament. One important thing is that if you do cleaning with fluffed and inexact techniques and formulas, it becomes harmful for your PC. Furthermore, if you want to frame your PC, you can apply many motherboard cleaning solutions, and you must be trained on how we take care and keep in safe a motherboard?

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How to clean a motherboard

What are the basics things that are helpful in cleaning?

There are many types of things that help you in various methods of cleaning a computer motherboard ? The list of cleaning products and equipment’s:
  • Portable Vacuum with attachments
  • Cotton swab
  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Screwdriver
  • Compressed air,
  • Soft Brush (very delicate fiber or makeup brush)
  • Thinner (Cleaning solvent)
  • Cleaning spray (or Foam swab)
  • Clean Cloth to dry it

How to clean a motherboard with a portable vacuum?

Expect compressed air. You can use a vacuum cleaner for cleaning a motherboard. With the appliance of a vacuum cleaner, you will face the severe insecurity of your PC. To use a vacuum cleaner can create a risk for you.

A vacuum cleaner helps you dispose of and clear away the headstrong and obstinate dust from the motherboard. But you follow some instructions while using the vacuum cleaner. That is, you must set out to deposit them less in stages for great and unique consequences.

How can we use compressed air for proper cleaning?

If you want to go in a sheltered direction, you use compressed air or any blower to clean a motherboard because it is an impressive method for cleaning the dust. But this process is very time taking because it cleans up the whole parts deeply, and you can complete your work after a long process. Similarly, you take a motherboard cleaning kit of compressed air keyboard cleaner that is left out hot spelling it.

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Compressed air is used to take down the tinny dust particles from the motherboard, but before appliance the compressed air, you must discontinuous your PC. While using compressed air or blower air, you need the brush to clean the inflexible, headstrong, and obstinate dirt or soil. Additionally, to remove and dispose of the dust particles, you can use the redundant methods of cleaning a motherboard.

Using a soft feeler brush to eliminate the dust from the motherboard, you can repeatedly go with the compressed air for cleaning, then your process with compressed air will be finished.

How to clean a motherboard with isopropyl alcohol?

clean a motherboard with isopropyl alcohol

In a motherboard, there are many hard parties of stain that can create issues once more. If alcohol, compressed air, and vacuum cleaner fail to dispose and clear away the dust and headstrong dirt, then you can apply isopropyl alcohol to clean your motherboard deeply and well nicely. Isopropyl alcohol helps you in cleaning a motherboard and make it 100 percent dust-free. 

But again, we’ll tell you that using a liquid on a motherboard is a very tender method, and don’t be careless while cleaning a motherboard with isopropyl alcohol to get an amazing denouement. Additionally, if you take a risk to clean a motherboard with isopropyl alcohol, then make sure about the isopropyl alcohol should be 99%

What is the method of how to clean a motherboard using alcohol?

Before using alcohol or any other thing, you must shut down your computer and alter the electric circuit that protects your PC from any harmful effects coming from electrical shock. And separate your motherboard from the CPU so that you can clean the motherboard easily. There is a little bit of confusion among the users while using alcohol and how to clean your motherboard with Alcohol.

 Because there is a discussion on a very grand level among the PC builders and fans, is alcohol works or not? And this task is risky or helpful? Some people recommended alcohol for cleaning, and the rest of the other alert the users no to take a risk with Alcohol. So, don’t be panic about this discussion because we will help you in this matter.

Using alcohol is not a good way of cleaning, but you can try it after examine your ashes and flakes of dirt. You can appliance the cotton swab while cleaning the motherboard with Alcohol due to disposing the hard, solid, syrupy, and massive substances from the motherboard. You can dip the motherboard in alcohol.

You can easily find that the motherboard’s dust will generate separate and waste away and scrap the motherboard to Remove the obstinate dirt. 

 This method will give you the satisfaction that all the dust from a motherboard is wind up. But this task is risky for your PC; on the other hand, you can go with this method when your motherboard doesn’t respond to your property and create issues while performing due to the excess stains. 

Alcohol cooperation with cleaning a motherboard and dissolve rapidly to minimize the chances of electrical infliction. But it would help if you dehydrated your motherboard before reinstalling the system once more.

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How to clean a motherboard using thinner?

To use a thinner is the same method as to clean a motherboard with Alcohol. But with thinner, you collect the basic information about how to clean the slot on a motherboard. Before using a thinner, you must dispose of the motherboard from the PC. Then, you remove the dust with a cloth with care and attention because cloth left their small pieces of fiber to create issues while using. 

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Now, there is left only strict dust that can remove with various methods. Thinner is one of them. 

Furthermore, if you go with thinner, you feel easy and comfortable while using it. Due to its striking quality, it will remove all the dust from a motherboard. If you feel difficult to dispose and clear away the tinny organs of dust, you can soak a Q-tip into the thinner and then scour out the dust. 

If there is impossible to clear the dust from a motherboard, you should splash it resist the thinner. It will help you in cleaning a motherboard. After the whole method, you can use a special piece of cloth to wipe the motherboard. After that, you make sure about the complete dryness, and you can reinstall the motherboard into a PC.

How to remove the dust from the motherboard with cleaning spray?

 First of all, you must shut down your computer and unscrew the motherboard so that you will be able to meet the dust and stains. Before using a cleaning spray, you clean up the motherboard with compressed air to dispose of the dirt from its exterior.  

After the clean all the dust, you can appliance the motherboard cleaning spray to acclaim the motherboard’s blemish ranges. The users can easily find the motherboard’s joint due to the lofty and linear pipe just as widening. 

Like thinner, all the dust clears away after spraying on a motherboard. After that, you wipe the motherboard completely, then set it in your PC

What are the main steps to clean a motherboard?

How to Clean a Motherboard

Step 1: you lockout and completely shut off your PC and swap off the main electric connection, and pull the plug off and all the wires. Suppose you don’t do this, then you will face danger and a short circuit. But switching off the mainboard, you become safe from danger. 

Step 2: take apart into its constituent pieces of your PC and dispose of the motherboard. It would help if you didn’t have to uproot all the obliteration divorced; steadily, you will stimulate notable powerful damage. 

Step 3: use a blower to clean up the stains and dirt and compressed air to clear away the dust and headstrong substances. Don’t use a hard bristle brush that can damage your PC. 

Step 4: after compressed air, use isopropyl alcohol to clean your motherboard thoroughly and entirely. Further, you can use a cotton swab to clean the motherboard with isopropyl alcohol. This method removes the dust that couldn’t be possible with compressed air. 

Step 5: you can dip your motherboard in alcohol for more cleaning.

Step 6: Before installing, you can dehydrate your motherboard completely, then you set the motherboard on your PC and plugged in. 

Step 7: Accumulate the PC posterior well constructed and organized once more than make certain about its working results. 

 Why do we need to clean your motherboard?

 Why do we need to clean your motherboard?

This is an essential part of your PC to clean a motherboard. Most people are thinking about how to clean a motherboard and are not attentive when it be accessible to clean and maintain a motherboard. A lot of people target on conforming their PCs handout from viruses and much other malware. 

  •  Abolish stains

When we don’t look after a motherboard and leave its care and protection, then our motherboard is equipped with a heap of dust and headstrong substances set to accessible in various parts of PC that create issues and fails to perform well if we never dispatch all the dust with time, then dust becomes hard and obstinate. 

  •  Interrupt corrosion

If you take dust lightly, you will be responsible for your own damage. Excessive dust and stains can produce corrosion and oxidation of a few parts of the motherboard. After this bad happening, your working procedure will reduce and fail to fulfill the performance perfectly. The motherboard may be dead for a long time due to ill response and treatment. 

  • Extricate your output

If you do not care properly about your motherboard, you must feel a big loss because all the parts of the Motherboard will shut and fail to perform. So, if your motherboard becomes damage fully, maybe you need to buy a new motherboard for your PC. But if we take care and clean a motherboard with time, then we save our money.

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It is a hard task to clean a motherboard. Still, it will support many benefits like don’t waste your money, all its functions work properly and help you perform well for long-term. Therefore, if you want to explore your motherboard’s better performance, make your routine clean a motherboard with various methods.

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Frequently asked Questions

Q. Can we use thinner for cleaning a motherboard?

Using a thinner is a wasteful and bad idea and a hazardous task to clean a motherboard because it can damage your PC and a motherboard. Paint thinner will give you more damages and fail to clean properly and perform very disgustingly. So, you must avoid this method if you want to save and protect your PC. And thinner’s spirit is very sharp and acidulous; it will slap the paint off your motherboard. 

Q. How can we clean the corrosion off a motherboard?

If you don’t care about your motherboard, you will find a bucket of corrosion on your motherboard. All the rust spread here and there and all the joints, because of corrosion and rusty due to less cleaning. But you can clear away the corrosion with the help of cotton swabs and using a liquid like an isopropyl alcohol, and you can dispatch the dust and strains with the help of these things.

 Pour the solution on the corrosion parts, and after a minute, you will wipe it carefully and repeat the process until corrosion and rust will not die. 

Q. Is alcohol helps remove the dust from a motherboard?

If your motherboard is fully furnished with dust and stains and compressed air and brushes, fail to clean a motherboard so you can use isopropyl alcohol with 99% purity. You can dip the motherboard in alcohol and rest it for 5 minutes for better results. And you can shake it at your own risk.

Q. Can we use another way to clean a motherboard?

You can use various types of things to clean a motherboard but don’t do anything which will cause many dangers and issues. You can choose compressed air when you need to clean your dust and take a brush. But don’t appliance the Wd40 to clean a motherboard because it is very sharp and won’t be endowed to dispose of it.


In a nutshell, all your confusion related to how to clean a motherboard will be finished. Because we reviewed the best way to clean a motherboard in this article to clean the dust and tinny particles on your motherboard, you can apply various motherboard cleaning kits and multiple other tasks for better performance of your motherboard.  

You go through all the articles with care then you take a better idea for your motherboard. But we suggest you clean your motherboard with time because it will help you in outstanding performance.

 In the form of dust and rust, you will be able to clean the motherboard perfectly, and if you can’t do this, you must learn all the methods of cleaning a motherboard because the motherboard is a very tricky and delicate part of a PC. And forceful performance can produce damage and defect in your computer. But if you do all the processes carefully, then you will be successful in your work. 

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