How Much RAM Do You Need For Gaming? – Ultimate Guide

Mostly game lovers never know about the exact amount of RAM. Are you familiar or ignorant about how much RAM do you need for gaming? In this article, we will expire all tension about RAM needed for gaming. That’s why you must read all this writing stuff thoroughly so that you never skip any essential or necessary point. But before first of all, we need to know about RAM and its basic factors.

What is RAM?

There are many different motherhood components, but RAM stands at the top because of its Authentic features. RAM also stands for Random Access memory, a transient information depository area that holds all the basic data of your system.

Your PC will fail to run without RAM. Some system is never supporting because of less RAM or defects in RAM. RAM power helps your PC to perform tasks at high speed without any issue. OS delivers all the informational material into this recollection when you start a procedure and clean it out when you close your system.

However, RAM is essential for the motherboard as well as your computer system.

How much RAM do you need for gaming?

ram needed for gaming

If you are playing games and then your Computer’s desire to record all the informational and necessary material and confirm that it’s system moves without any issue or drives effectively is reserved Random Access Memory (RAM).

But the task of selecting the RAM is essential and critical because different games have RAM according to their own regulations. That’s why many people are unaware of how much do you need for gaming. Most PC supports 16, 8, and 4 GB of RAM, but many PC demands more RAM, like 32, 64, and 128GB of RAM.

Nowadays, a maximum of 16GB of RAM would be desirable for gaming, but mostly gaming composition must have 4GB of RAM. But you have an option that if you want to create more valid RAM software, then 32GB is a very eligible choice. But choosing RAM amount can be tricky when you have no info about how much RAM is needed for gaming.

  • 4G RAM of RAM

4G is not enough for well gaming performance nowadays, especially in 2021 because it is placidly operating 32-bit OS. Further, it is established in traditional desktops and working PCs and further it can be normally established in the system. It also supports Chrome OS mode and for conventional windows.

  • 8 GB of RAM

With 8GB, you can enjoy your games without any danger or error because your computer’s speed becomes fast and helping you in better performance. Nowadays, for many games, 8GB is the lowest. Because if you go with 8GB of RAM, then you will face boundary if your possibilities in the task of game equipment.

With 8GB, you can support your PC, but RAM is expected and suggested more than 8 GB for better performance. 8GB is not enough for some new games because it fails to support the new PC. Sometimes 8GB of RAM is sufficient for gaming, but more RAM memory and us a very good opportunity for you because veer 7 is filled with a MacOS system.

  • 16 GB of RAM

16GB is a very high power RAM that will support you in playing any type of thing game you want to play and empowered that your PC is not conducting any memory-intensive projects background. 16GB of RAM chip is applauded to assist the report choice of gaming mode and computer games.

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If you take 16 GB for gaming, this will be enough and adequate for all gaming types but not highly commending games.

  • 32 GB of RAM

32 GB is very elevated and coming to be a progressive better prominent with some game lovers who are craving to prospective their buildings. 32GB of RAM is very efficient for your modern gaming system, But 16Ga B is also suggested and further very reasonable for some motives, but the use of 32 GB is very valuable and encourage your extra system.

  •  64 GB of RAM

64GB of heavy and enormous RAM fractions are primarily conducted at different systems like hyper sized lists. Before some time, many gaming professionals share their opinion that 64GB of RAM is overkill. However, the progress emphasizes if PC games do not depend on RAM and its intense system because they depend on the VRAM on a GPU system.

1- RAM speed

How Much RAM Do You Need For Gaming?

Speed is essential because it plays an important role. For example, if you have 32GB or 64GB RAM with minimum speed is not good and supportive, and on the other hand, neither 4GB of RAM with high speed of RAM.

But speed if gaming is and its achievement modifications deviate from game to another game, if we examine then we explore that there are lots of expectations to operating RAM with lofty and outstanding speeds for gaming.

However, it won’t keep as serious an influence as upgrading the various components like GPU (graphics card) and processor. If RAM has high power, it can boost your gaming experience and gaming performance. For example, Intel Core i9-10900 processors endorse 2933MHz whereas DDR4 RAM speeds startup at trial 1600

2-Working of RAM

Random Access Memory has a unique purpose like it stores temporary data that a computer needs to suitably perform, RAM rebuilds the procedure in every moment. This RAM is different from hard drives that work opposite. For example, a Hard Drive reserve the basic information about the system generally.

When we stored some information and compressed some procedures in Random Access Memory, but after vanish, all the data will be the cache in a storage drive perpetually. When our PC want to quick record to abrupt info in ordinance to operate procedures work.

Our gaming store all the data or information in RAM for quick services and quick and easy receiving data from RAM than a storage device because new gaming wants sharp assets. However, RAM is an inconsistent memory, which shows that it reserve information only when it has courage and power.

3-RAM Factors

With the information of how much RAM is recommended for gaming, we must look at the RAM factors that also help memorize what is a good amount of RAM for gaming. You can get all the basic information about the RAM factors in this article. Now let’s start our main specific RAM Factors:

  • DDR Designation

When you select the memory stick for gaming, it has a DDR. DDR stands for Double Data Rate, which suggests that it struggles extra and more on individual clock process. In DDR, Corsair Vengeance LXP (2x 8GB) 16GB DDR4 RAM is relatively typically employed. Staving off you from shutting DDR4 RAM into a Motherboard that includes many RAM slots for DDR2 or DDR3.

  • SO-DIMM and DIMM


DIMM stands for Dual-line memory modules, whereas SO-DIMM stands for small outline dual inline memory modules. Both possess different meanings. DIMM shows that support enormous RAM capacity prepared for desktop motherboards but on the other side, SO-DIMM have less or slighter modules designed for intel NUC, mini Computer, mini -ITX and dor laptops.

  • Number of slots

When you decide about picking the best motherboard, you must notify the digit of RAM slots on your motherboard before paying for memory for data. Extra memory comfort your computer and software to utilize two rods, improving the performance because of dual-channel memory.

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But you must choose RAM more than 8GB because the above evidence shows that it is 16 GB RAM enough for gaming and it will help us in better performance and enhance the speed of our PC.

4- Purpose of RAM

RAM is considered one of the essential Components of Motherboard because it has a very authentic purpose in every system for performing well.

Therefore, RAM is used to store data for a short basis in your system that recollects all the data and actions such as image editing and web browsers that these parts will support to take advantage of due to directly and effortlessly to load. Without RAM, your PC will fail to work smoothly and effectively.

Because if your CPU is maintained to search hard drives, you will encounter many issues, and for unlocking a recent tab, you will be straddling for long times without any achievements. This thing shows why RAM is important for gaming because your PC records all the data or necessary documents in RAM, for your PC needs all the data to formulate clear the game moves without any error or issues.

RAM gives better services for the gaming and supports your PC for satisfactory performance because, without RAM, you will confront many problems. This thing shows that RAM plays a vital role and has an authentic purpose for gaming.

5- Requirements of RAM ( 2021)

We mentioned a detailed description of how much RAM you need for gaming, but there is the query is how much RAM is needed for 2021. Nowadays, technology becomes more advance and requires more RAM for gaming.

When we select 16GB of RAM for gaming is sufficient for better performance in 2021, and 16GB is quite good for maximum games. But if you pick less RAM power for performance, it will also fulfill all your requirements, but both 8GB of RAM and 16GB of RAM are performing adequately, but it will rely on what type of gaming you play.

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If we examine about 4GB of RAM power, then many people get confused. Is 4 GB of RAM enough for gaming, and its answer is easy because 4GB is not doing well as 16 GB and 8 GB RAM performing their jobs? But at last 32 GB of RAM is also very extraordinary for those who want to create a future proof and utilize the computer as a workstation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much RAM do you need for gaming?

Game lovers want to get a high motherboard with extra RAM and power, but they are ignorant about a good amount of RAM for gaming. And the answer is quite easy the best 8 GB of RAM is enough for gaming in 2020 or 2021. This RAM amount is regarded by various as the current minimum suggestion.

With 8 GB of RAM, your games drive more accurately and superbly and without any problems. You can go easily with 8GB of RAM, but you can choose 16GB for better performance.

  • Is instantly RAM worth it?

If your RAM has quick and fast services, then it will be very beneficial for your PC in particular. Still, all the gamers and users get more advantage in that retaining additional RAM accessible is approximately adequate than the instant RAM. It also suggests that overclocking RAM in operation BIOS is hardly worth the exertion.

  • What happens if we have extra RAM?

Before purchasing a motherboard, we must comprehend how much RAM a Gaming PC has for better performance. However, if we collect more RAM before memorizing how much RAM I need for gaming, it can not create any issues while playing games. But in some times, the hibernate catalog becomes enlarge if you retain a limited and wide disk. But there are no harmful effects on keeping too much RAM.


Now we will share our final thoughts about How much RAM do you need for gaming. If you go through all the above RAM power descriptions, you support your PC at the grand level and increase your computer’s speed.

Without RAM, your computer is nothing because RAM is considered the soul of a motherboard. You can select RAM of 8GB for gaming because this is the correct option for every gaming, but 16GB of RAM is also very sufficient and prompting for Gaming and better performance.

All the RAM works better according to their capabilities. Still, many people show their insensibility about whether RAM increases gaming performance.

For your answer, they must read this article with eagle’s eyes because it depends on your Games, what you are playing, and the requirements of your games. All the details show that a decent selection of RAM will give you many ad advantages and protect your PC from the downfalls and assist your PC for outstanding performance.

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