How Long Do Motherboards Last?

The question is How long do Motherboards last?

Suppose you’re buying a motherboard for the first time. In that case, you will have numerous questions in your mind related to motherboard lifespan, how to extend it, how to diminish it, and what you’ll be able to expect by making an investment.

How Long Do Motherboards Last?

The great thing is that various individuals have looked into distinctive ways to keep their motherboards enduring a long time, which is distant past the normal motherboard life expectancy.

Whether you’re looking to buy the latest Motherboard or you are considering upgrading an older one, there are a few things you should know about the rate of motherboard failure, how to extend its life expectancy, and more.

So, Our main question was,

How Long Do Motherboards Last?

Motherboards, as a rule, last for a time of almost 10 to 20 years, but that’s only a rough assessment. On the off chance that you take great care of your computer by cleaning all the dust, changing the warm glue, making beyond any doubt that the temperatures are not so high, and more, then you’ll be able to anticipate it to last indeed longer. You’ll likely replace the Motherboard because of the reasons that it is old or out of date.

motherboard age

However, there’s continuously a possibility that a motherboard does not last for a week. This happens on the off chance that the Motherboard features a fabricating deformity or it got harmed in shipping. In case that’s the case, at that point, you’ll effectively RMA it and get an unused one, given that the board is secured beneath the warranty.

The chance of this kind of incident is very rare, so you truly ought not to stress about it unless this occurs to you. In that case, you may contact the manufacturer or store you bought it from and can replace it.

Unfortunately, on the off chance that you spill something onto your Motherboard or any adjacent component or in the event that it gets harmed due to static discharge, the Motherboard will pass on right away, insignificant to the age of that component. You can avoid it by being amazingly cautious and grounded at whatever point you work around your computer. In order to avoid any kind of static discharge, you can use an anti-static strap on the wrist.

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How should be a Motherboard’s Lifespan?

This is typically a totally distinctive question from the past one. Indeed on the off chance that your Motherboard can work for a decade or two, do you truly need to utilize it for that long?

lifespan of motherbaord

If we talk about high-end motherboards, which were the most excellent accessible after you bought them, they will likely become completely unimportant after 7-8 years. The high-end computer which you bought today will battle to run different games at 30 FPS, which is an exceptionally slow setting after 6-10 years from presently.

On the off chance that you’re a computer devotee and need to have the most recent and greatest accessible, updating it every 2 to 3 years is likely the finest. This does not essentially mean that you simply will get to alter your Motherboard, though.

Factors that can affect Motherboard’s life

Several factors can make your Motherboard pass on before time. They can either slaughter it outright or essentially decrease its life expectancy. This can be why a few producers have begun promoting their motherboards as safe and solid pieces of tech that can last longer.


humidity on motherboard

You likely never thought of this, but the stickiness and moisture of the room where your computer is can have a critical effect on its lifespan. Water could be a mortal adversary to your computer parts, particularly your Motherboard and control supply. On the off chance that you live in a zone with a high moisture rate in the air, at that point, your Motherboard will likely last for a very short time than in places where the air has less moisture in it.

You can’t truly do anything about this, but you can get a dehumidifier and maybe get a few plants that absorb all the moisture present in the air. Unless, in case, you live on some kind of tropical island where the moisture level is 100%, this is often not a gigantic concern.

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Electrical Power Failure:

Consistent changes in voltage caused by breaking down control supply or common variances cause the capacitors and other different parts of the Motherboard to damage quicker. In case an electric discharge occurs, there’s a high possibility that your Motherboard will pass on immediately. For illustration, in case your control supply chooses to blow up one day abruptly, it’ll most likely take the Motherboard along with itself.

You can anticipate this by getting a high-quality control supply and a great, solid motherboard. The superior the capacitors, the longer the life expectancy of both components.

Indeed in the event that your Motherboard can live for more than ten years, maybe your control supply won’t be able to do the same. As a common rule of thumb, you ought to get a modern control supply each five to six years.


The most important reason for a motherboard failure is due to heat and high temperature. Your computer produces a ton of warm air, and you would like to direct it as much as conceivable. The fans and vents built into the system are sufficient for normal computer clients as long as your environment isn’t very hot.

If you overclock and utilize your computer intensely, in any case, they may not be sufficient. The warm air and heat can gradually construct up and over-heat your Motherboard and the associated components.

Physical Damage:

Physical harm to the Motherboard is not so common, but it isn’t uncommon as well in the event that you’re building your possess computer. Any huge effect or harsh dealing will harm and devastate the Motherboard or any other components. in that case, you need to be very gentle after you hold your Motherboard on once you work on it.

If you have got a gaming PC that you simply move around regularly, you may need to maintain a strategic move to avoid any jostling.

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Factors to increase a Motherboard’s lifespan

Your Motherboard could be a lovely huge venture, so you need to secure its lifespan as much as you’ll be able. There are a few behaviors you’ll do to keep it working for a longer time, but you may need to consider whether or not they will affect your delight in the computer. For illustration, not overclocking frequently will offer assistance to extend the life expectancy. Still, in the event that you can’t overclock, you can not get from your computer what you actually need.

Following are the major factors that can help you increase the lifespan of your Motherboard.

  • Firstly, you need to ensure that your Motherboard is clean and dust-free.
  • Secondly, you should have good airflow in order to keep your computer cool, and for that, you need to put the fan on the back or top of your case.
  • Last but not least, you should keep the moisture away from your computer.


A motherboard can have a life of around 10-years, or it can be more, but it’ll likely be out of date at that point. You likely won’t purchase a brand new motherboard just only because you feel like you wish for a modern one. You may get a modern one in case your current Motherboard halted working all of a sudden or in the event that you want to buy a modern CPU that does not fit into your current Motherboard.

Motherboards ordinarily outlast their value, which suggests merely are improbable to supplant it because it halted working but since it got old. On the off chance that you’re a devotee, this implies each two to three years to urge all the most recent chimes and shrieks and have the finest performance accessible. Most other individuals will only update their computers every five years or more, incorporating the Motherboard.

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