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How Long Do Motherboards Last?

Honestly, there is no typical lifespan for a motherboard. However, in my experience as an IT support technician in the past decade, I can confidently state that the lifespan of a motherboard is approximately 6 to 8 years, depending on the quality and manufacturer.

The lifespan of Motherboards CPU

You will hear arguments about how certain high-end motherboards such as those from Supermicro can last up to 5 years. Anandtech has an interesting article demonstrating how Supermicro motherboards are rigorously tested at multiple points of the manufacturing process and are then subject to rigorous testing after their assembly. This is not standard for all manufacturers, however, so take this with a grain of salt.

how many years do motherboards last

The motherboards I have personally seen fail were lower-end brands, oftentimes OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts made by motherboard makers like ASUS or Gigabyte. Unlike Supermicro motherboards, the ones I have seen fail were not rigorously tested before they left the manufacturer. These lower-end motherboard manufacturers do not test every board as it is made, and they often times will use parts that were rejected by other manufacturers or had defects. Some OEMs also sell barebones kits where you provide your own components to populate the cases. These barebones kits are popular for businesses because they can save money, but I have seen them fail just as often as pre-built motherboards.

Smaller manufacturers don’t typically offer warranties on their products either, so you’re left with an expensive paperweight if something happens to go wrong.

I have a motherboard that I got in September of 2001. It’s an Asus P3V4X motherboard, with an AMD Athlon Thunderbird @ 1000 MHz and 768 MB of RAM.

What is the longevity of motherboard life?

How long can they last before they need to be replaced?

In this article, we will attempt to analyze motherboard lifespan, through research and testing.

How motherboard lifespans are determined motherboard How long do motherboards last before they wear out?

The first way to determine this is by looking at the life of other products that have similar components. If we look at other electronic devices with motherboard components, we can get a fairly good idea of motherboard longevity.

How motherboard lifespans are determined?

This is a list of electronic products that have similar circuitry as a modern PC: How long do motherboards last before they wear out?

The second method is to look at the life expectancy of those other devices. While I wouldn’t expect my desktop to last 35 years, the fact that some hard drives can last 35 years (as this page shows) would indicate that there’s probably more lifespan left in most desktop computers than people think. Hard disk drive assemblies for servers and workstations generally had MTBF ratings in excess of 1 million hours prior to around 2005

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