Hard Drive Power Cable – Adaptors, Connectors, Types

Check Complete information about the Hard Drive Power cable. The computer industry has become very advanced, and thousands of computer parts are available now in the market. We can use all of them according to our needs and interest, because there are some parts that we use in our daily routine, like the hard drive power cable. However, before going into the depth of the hard drive power cable, we need to know what the actual hard drive is?

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Hard Drive

The hard drive HD or HDD is a non-versatile data storage device installed in computers internally. We can use it to save our data to check the data when we need it. It is made from platters that can produce different in quantity, the information is written on these platters, and these drives are connected to the motherboard of a desktop computer. Now we can easily understand what the hard drive power cables are.hard drive power cable extension

The computer hard drives are connected with two connectors: the power cable and the data cable. The purpose of the power cables is to connect the hard drive with the computer supply, and the data cables connect the hard drive with the computer motherboard.

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Hard Drive Power Cable – Introduction

So now we can easily define the hard drive power cables as a connector medium between the hard drive and the computer power supply. Sometimes we need to connect the external hard drives with our computer for extraordinary work or save more data. So we combine these drives with the help of hard drive power cables. Many types and brands of hard drive power cables are available to select according to your choice and need.

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Hard Drive Power Cables  Best Buy

It is difficult to find the best hard drive power cable due to the mixing stuff available in the local and online markets. But here we have some cables that you surely want to check and use because of the excellent quality.



The BENFEI is a fantastic brand that provides different computer components; the computer and PC are prevalent and well-liked worldwide. These spare parts are considered the best of the industry products. This SATA cable is the best cable to connect the motherboard and external and internal hard drives.

  • Cable Matters Right SATA III

This is another cable used to connect the computer and the external hard drive; this hard drive power cable has unique gripped so that if your fingers are slippery, you don’t need to worry. The only issue with this connector is that it is significant, and may you face a little bit of difficulty while connecting it.

  • StarTech Right-Angled SATA Cable

This power cable is very flexible and best for building portable cases because you can easily connect it with the motherboard without any additional management. In addition, this cable is the very efficient and high speed that can be used both for gaming and high-end workstations.

  • BENFEI Right Angle SATA III Cable 

If you are looking for a hard drive cable power cable that comes with the RAID configuration, this option is best for you. This product comes with a three-pack set and enables you to top connect the RAID 0, RAID 1, and RAID 5.

  • Reaper-Lines Right SATA III Cable

If you are looking for a cable that you can use in your workstations, or you need to connect multiple drives and configurations, then you can buy this hard drive power cable. This cable allows you to connect six different physical drives and can easily save time.

Hard Drive Power cable Types

There are many types of power cables available in the market that you can use according to your computer and need. But we have to select that cable that meets our needs and is suitable to our work, like if you are buying for not any specific work, then you choose anyone. But, on the other hand, if you are looking for that cable for workstations and playing games, you have to select branded hard drive power cable.

  • IDE (PATA)

IDE (PATA) Power cable

The integrated drive electronics were developed in 1986 by a digital control data corporation; the exciting thing about this type of connector is that it comes with up to 8 different versions and has a speed of 166 MB per second. This has a 40 pin connector and a notch for easy installation, so this hard drive power cable is a genuinely crude data bus. A set of pins and jumpers is used as a primary set unit and other possible configurations.


This is the new and advanced form of the PATA introduced in 2000; the amazing thing about this hard drive power cable is that it can be used to remove some hot removal that PATA connectors can’t do.

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Before this connector, there was only the option to connect only a single position. This data cable is flat and compact, different from the PATA cable, broad, and challenging to manage.

  • SAS

The SAS hard drive power cables are not very different from the SATA connector; one fantastic thing about these connectors is that they can b easily connected to the motherboard with SATA connectors. The SAS connectors are used in the advanced servers where we have to transfer a large amount of data in less time.

  • M 2

It is the new and advanced form of the SATA ports in 2009 for notebook computers. This is also known as a Next Generation Form Factor. The primary purpose of this connector is storage unit installation on the motherboard.

The M 2 connectors based on the PCI Express 3.0 interface and now 4.0 interface means that they can work under PCI interface Express and the SATA connectors.

  • PCI Express

This variant of M 2 allows the PCI Express to connect with the motherboard; these types of connectors are not generally available in the market. This is because they are costly compared to the other units and can transfer the data.

  • USB

This is a widespread type of hard drive power cable, and I am sure that every computer user is aware of this product. The USB port is also used for the external hard drives. Now type most hard drives are of the type C connector called reversible or universal. It can power the hard drive without any other connector.

Hard Drive power cable Adapter Name

The adapters are the components connected with both ends of the hard drive power cable, one is connected to the computer, and the other is connected to the hard drive. The adapters have different shapes because of the different models of computers and desktops. You can select anyone that matches your computer inserting point.

  • Hard Drive Power Cable Splitter

This type of hard drive power cable has one adapter in one end but has two or three adapters on the other end, which means that you can connect more than one hard drive with the help of this power cable.

  • Hard drive power cable pinout

As by its name we can understand that this type of power cable has pins inside it and that we have to insert the port of the computer.

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The hard drive power cable is an essential gadget that we mainly use to connect the hard drive with our computers. Most of the power cables we have already used, but here we have some new ideas for you to become aware of the new products in the market. This market has become so advanced that every single day new things are created in this computer industry.

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