Does Motherboard Come With Sata Cables?

Does Motherboard Come With Sata Cables? The term “SATA Cables” will as often as possible show up once you begin building your PC. This is often why we considered it was fundamental to know what it implied. SATA cables are long and lean and have a seven-pin association.

Does Motherboard Come With Sata Cables

They can be recognized rapidly due to their levelness and a 90-degree point association. They are outlined so that they may be effortlessly put away since SATA cables are cheap and have the alternative to be hot-swapped, which is the method of including or evacuating gadgets from a computer set up when the system is running. The hot-plugging capability is fundamental since operating systems can naturally distinguish new gadgets without a total restart.

So, the question is;

Does Motherboard come with SATA cables or not?

The answer to the above-addressed question is, yes, 2 to 3 SATA cables come with most motherboards. Nearly all of us have computers in our homes and workplaces. And in all computers, there’s something called a hard drive that contains all of our records, motion pictures, tunes, etc.; it’s called storage capacity.

It interfaces to the Motherboard through a SATA cable, the abbreviation of Serial Advanced Technology Attachment. So before buying a motherboard, make beyond any doubt whether this cable comes with a motherboard or not. If it doesn’t come with a SATA cable, you ought to buy one as, without a SATA cable, you won’t be able to include storage to your computer, and without a hard drive, you won’t be able to utilize a computer.

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What are the different types of SATA cables?

After purchasing a motherboard, you will select the SATA cables range, which the producer normally specifies. There are a few sorts of SATA cables, but the foremost popular ones are the SATA 2 and the SATA 3, which are the foremost common adaptations of SATA cables that have risen over a long time.

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Moreover, they are alluded to as SATA 3 GB/s and SATA 6 GB/s cables. The SATA 3 cable is the foremost later adaptation, and it is rapidly becoming the industry standard for utilization with most drives.

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SATA 2 is the second era of SATA and offers an exchange speed of up to 3GB/s. This sort of cable can suit a bandwidth of up to 300MB/s and a cable length of one meter. SATA 3 is the third era of SATA and incorporates an exchange rate of 6GB/s with a most extreme transmission capacity of 600MB/s and a cable length of one meter.

MSATA or MiniSATA is primarily utilized in netbooks or gadgets that require a littler solid-state drive; in this way, you’ll not receive MSATA along with your Motherboard.

Another sort of SATA cable you may come across when building your PC is the SATA control cable that does not come along with your Motherboard but comes together with your Control Supply. It is lovely simple to tell the contrast between the two as the SATA control cable has 15 pins while the normal SATA information cable has seven pins.

There are other sorts of SATA cables as well, but these are the ones that will most likely come included together with your Motherboard.

How many SATA cables you might need?

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Does Motherboard Come With Sata Cables?

Once you buy a motherboard, it most likely will come with SATA cables. In any case, the number of SATA cables required is subordinate to the number of hard drives you want to put through. And you’ll not indeed require an extra one because most motherboards come with two or four SATA cables.

So, in a few circumstances, you might have to buy more cables. In case you might not get sufficient SATA cables along with your Motherboard to connect everything, or otherwise, you may get wires that are incapable of your setup.

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As distant as SATA information cables are concerned, you would like one for each disk. In addition, unlike SATA Power cables, SATA information cables don’t have split ends. Essentially, the number of SATA information associations required is decided by your Motherboard’s number of SATA ports. For illustration, in case your computer has 6 SATA ports, you cannot connect seven capacity drives.

Your control supply incorporates sufficient SATA control cables to cover all your needs. These cables interface your hard drive to your Motherboard through the SATA connection. As a result, all you need could be a SATA cable for information transmission.

How to plug in a SATA cable?

Plugging in your SATA cable to your hard disk is exceptionally simple. After mounting your hard drive to your computer, you’ll take note that there are ports accessible on the back. On the off chance that you get SATA cables together with your Motherboard, at that point, you may take note that they include distinctive connectors, straight ends, and L-shaped connectors.

Now attempt to discover the SATA cables with metal maintenance clips because it helps the connectors secure and connect the SATA cable to your hard drive. You may also get to interface with the control cable at that point. It’ll be keyed to fit one way.

How can you know whether the Motherboard you are purchasing comes with SATA cables or not?

In the event that you’re still pondering whether your Motherboard has SATA cables included with it, the best and most straightforward way to discover out is to inquire the producer or check the item description. With numerous such producers out there, each being somewhat diverse from the other, the number of cables can vary depending on the sort you select.

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Suppose you’re arranging to buy SATA cables independently. In that case, you may get to make beyond any doubt that the cable is consistent along with your Motherboard, so you don’t need to get in a bother afterward on when you’re building your PC.


So, we truly trust that you just replied that motherboards come with SATA cables? The foot line is that nearly all motherboards come with a SATA cable, but a few don’t. So, inquire the dealer whether this Motherboard comes with SATA cables or not.

But before buying the cable, make beyond any doubt that the cable bolsters your motherboard necessity. Otherwise, it will add to the waste of cash for you. Also, as there are varieties in SATA cables, you have to choose one that bolsters your PC construct the foremost.

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