Do Motherboards Come with Wifi or not?

Do motherboards come with wifi? If you’re within the market to buy a computer for your ordinary utilize, you might need the finest benefit from the computer. A computer’s key component is the motherboard. Choosing the idealized motherboard with advanced network support will fulfill all of your needs and will advantage you apart.

Do motherboards come with wifi

There are different varieties of motherboards with several distinctive highlights, so it is very important to know what you would like in order to choose which one is best for your computer. One important question that comes up frequently is whether they have built-in WiFi or not?

The reply depends on the motherboard producer and the series or the motherboard model itself. We will look in-depth in this article and assist you in figuring out the ones that do and the ones that don’t.

What is the meaning of WiFi?

WiFi is the abbreviation of Wireless Fidelity, a catchy title that started as a play on words coming from Hi-fi, known as High Fidelity.

Hi-fi alludes to a gear set for playing sounds and recorded music in high-fidelity sound. Similarly, WiFi has begun as the primary dependable wireless network choice, and it proceeds to improve wireless connections today.

WiFi is an amazing innovation that utilizes radio waves to empower wireless access between computer frameworks inside networks. It also gives a wireless approach to the Internet. While WiFi is imperative for versatile gadgets such as tablets and smartphones, individuals still consider it an auxiliary component for desktop computers.

As we know, wired associations are more solid and reliable. Individuals with desktop computers ordinarily resort to wireless connections in order to pair their mobile devices if needed.

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Do Motherboards come with WiFi in them?

Motherboard with built in wifi

The brief reply to this question is yes, and a no as well. A few motherboards come with a built-in WiFi connector, whereas others do not. The motherboard is the central hub point of each computer. Every extra component you need to have on your computer interfaces through the motherboard, counting your network connectors.

Most cutting-edge motherboards have network arrangements for a wireless adapter, regardless of whether it is built into the board or not. If wireless connectivity is basic for you, be beyond any doubt to get a motherboard with a built-in WiFi adapter. Otherwise, if you have a motherboard without built-in WiFi, there are more chances of requiring a WiFi connector.

Methods to know if Your Motherboard has WiFi or not?

There are several motherboards present in the market that have built-in WiFi. As a rule, costly motherboards come with built-in WiFi. But what if you have purchased a PC, but you are not sure whether your PC has built-in WiFi or not, and how can you check it?

Methods to know if Your Motherboard has WiFi or not
Do Motherboards Come with Wifi check the method

Don’t stress out cause we got your back! 

There are four ways to tell whether your motherboard has built-in WiFi or not. So let’s check:

Check for Antenna: This is often the most effortless strategy of all in order to tell whether your motherboard has built-in WiFi or not. You just need to check in your computer’s back. On the off chance that you take note of any antenna staying out of your motherboard, it means the motherboard has built-in WiFi. If there is no antenna, at that point, you’ll attempt other strategies to decide whether your motherboard has WiFi.

Search for the Box: Usually, another exceptionally simple strategy to check on the off chance that your motherboard has built-in WiFi is that each motherboard comes with a box on them; you can easily see some written specifications on it. So in case your motherboard comes with built-in WiFi, you will get to see them written on that box, and if you don’t have a box, at that point, you’ll attempt other strategies in order to know about your motherboard.

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Search on the Internet: This strategy is simple as well. You will discover nearly any data on the web nowadays. You just need to search on google about your motherboard model. At that point, you will discover whether your motherboard has built-in WiFi or not.

Look for the Search Menu: This strategy is also not that difficult! On your computer, you just need to look for the search menu. Within the search menu, look for the control panel. After clicking on the control board, you may find the ‘Hardware and Sound’ option. Select this; after that, you will see an option called ‘Device Manager. Inside the Device Manager, look for WiFi. In case you find an option called WiFi, at that point, your motherboard has built-in WiFi, and if you don’t discover any alternative called WiFi, at that point, your motherboard doesn’t have built-in WiFi.

When to choose a Motherboard with built-in WiFi, and are they good?

Suppose you are in a market looking for a modern computer or need to update your existing computer with a new motherboard. So in case, you want to create your computer versatile and portable or just need to utilize WiFi with your computer, you need to have a motherboard with built-in WiFi. But are they good?

In the market, you may see a lot of motherboards, and many of them come with built-in WiFi. But how great are they?

With our perception, we have taken note and found out that on the off chance if you need to play different online games, at that point, it is way better to utilize a direct connection of Internet as they have less idleness and way better association. But in case you need to utilize your computer for casual browsing, observing motion pictures, and online recordings, then any motherboard with built-in WiFi will be sufficient for you.

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Pros of using a Motherboard with built-in WiFi

  • The Internet can be used without any wires.
  • You can access the Internet while carrying your computer to any remote location or hotel as most hotels deliver a facility of free WiFi.
  • If you are utilizing your computer for browsing, observing motion pictures, or online videos, at that point, you’ll discover it exceptionally valuable as they have great speed and a very reliable connection.
  • If you don’t have Internet, you can easily connect your smartphone’s hotspot to use the Internet on your PC.

Cons of using a Motherboard with built-in WiFi

  • A motherboard with built-in WiFi tends to be costly as several motherboards within the market are the precise same demonstrate, and they are indistinguishable. Still, because they contain a built-in WiFi module, their cost contrasts are huge.
  • Another major drawback is that there are different WiFi standards available in the market, as they all have different bandwidths and ranges.


As of now, you have to get it that there are a lot of motherboards in the market that comes with built-in WiFi, and indeed on the off chance that your motherboard doesn’t have built-in WiFi, you’ll be able to use a connector to utilize WiFi on your computer.

The bottom line is that many motherboards in the market have built-in WiFi, and also many do not have but, in order to buy one, you can first see what your actual demands are and which model can easily fulfill them.

So, if you are not sure about the motherboard you are buying has built-in WiFi or not, you can just ask the salesman or search it on the Internet.

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