Do Motherboards come with Screws in them?

Do Motherboards come with Screws? Building your claim fix guarantees you get a PC that performs precisely the way you would like it to. Whether it’s for gaming, examining, working, or all of them, you’d be able to incorporate the hardware specs you want. One of the foremost imperative hardware components you’ll need to choose is the motherboard.

Do Motherboards come with Screws

It will hold all of your PC’s vital components, from the CPU to the memory, as well as give connectors for your computer’s peripherals. In that case, do motherboards come with screws, or do you purchase them independently?

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So, the question is,

Do Motherboards Come with Screws?

When building your PC, is it secure to accept that your motherboard will come with its possess set of screws? The reply depends on the producer. A few brands make motherboards total with screws, but the majority of brands don’t. If they do, note that they give the screws for securing your mobo to the standoffs and not to the case. Essentially, mounting screws come with the PC case.

In other words, you’ll find motherboard standoffs included once you purchase your computer case. If the motherboard is the priority, check the documentation of the PC case you would like to buy. You need to create beyond any doubt that no jumbling happens within the board and the standoffs. Indeed in case, they are from distinctive producers.

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What are the different types of Screws which are used for Installing a Motherboard?

Two main screw components are used when installing motherboards on PC cases. These are as follows:


Motherboards Standoffs Screws

These are mounting screws that are utilized to promote the motherboard just somewhat above/away from the main installation skillet. They’re frequently hexagonal in shape, in spite of the fact that sometimes they’re tinted in gold or a brass-like wrap up to distinguish them from other screws.

They are ordinarily installed by hand, more like a thumbscrew. Dismissing to introduce the standoffs, to begin with, before securing the motherboard utilizing component screws may short circuit and rashly destroy your motherboard.

Motherboard screws:

These are screws that are utilized to either secure the motherboard onto the mounting standoffs or introduce a 2.5-inch hard drive onto an assigned vertical space present inside the PC case. They are mainly characterized by the flat plate that encompasses the curved/domed screw head, contradicting the standard 3.5 inch HDD mount screws, which basically have the complete curved/domed parcel as the screw head.

Other Common Types of Motherboard screws:

Separated from the standoff screws, your motherboard may too require distinctive screws for diverse settings. Below are a few of the foremost common mobo screws you’ll come across:

Riser Screw:

Motherboard Riser Screws

This sort of screw, as a rule, comes with the PC case, in spite of the fact that a few motherboard producers offer them too. Riser screws are ordinarily brief and come in either M3 or M4 sizes. Moreover, they are made of brass and see like hexagonal jolts, with a male string staying out in one conclusion and a female string within the other.

Many PC builders lean toward utilizing riser screws since they offer assistance to mount the mobo in such a way that they don’t come in contact with the metal case. Also, riser screws let you course cables underneath the board, moving forward the wind stream and making additional room for the control cable. Because of their structure, riser screws make a decent crevice between the motherboard and the other components of the CPU.

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As you’ll be able to envision, this hole is very important since the CPU is the component that produces the foremost sum of warmth in a computer system. By making a hole, you’ll be able to guarantee way better discuss circulation and avoid your equipment from overheating.

M.2 Screws:

Motherboard M.2 Screws

A few motherboards, particularly more up-to-date models, will come with M.2 screws, which you may utilize to introduce an SSD. An M.2 SSD is regularly utilized in inside-mounted capacity development cards. It empowers high-performance capacity in littler gadgets, like laptops and tablets, but you’ll moreover utilize it in desktop motherboards.

M.2 screws hold an SSD input and keep it from vibrating or moving inside. These screws are minor, so they are simple to lose in the event that you are not cautious during installation.

Cooling Solution Screws:

Motherboard Cooling Solution Screws
Do Motherboards come with Screws

Since motherboards are likely to overheat, they require fans or a cooling pump. You would like a unique set of cooling arrangement screws to connect these parts. These screws are, as a rule, included with the cooling gadget you purchase independently; they don’t come with the PC case or the motherboard.

If you’re utilizing an old fan from an existing computer and don’t have the screws any longer, the standard screw sort is the 6-32X1 1/4″ screw. Don’t forget to buy the corresponding nuts or washers on the off chance that you wish them for the installation.

What needs to be done if your case does not have screws?

It’s exceptionally uncommon that a PC case will not have screws for joining the motherboard and other hardware components.

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However, if your PC case doesn’t have screws or you misplaced them, you’ll continuously purchase a few from your neighborhood PC equipment shop. Luckily, motherboard screws are the same for most models. In specific, most motherboards will make utilize M3 x 5 screws.

These are flat-head screws with a distance across of three millimeters and a length of five millimeters. You can discover them nearly anyplace, and they are lovely reasonable too.

What about standoffs? Whereas they are all-inclusive, a few high-end PC cases come with elite standoffs. Other models indeed come with clips.

Also, many PC cases utilize plastic standoffs, which are strung pieces with pointed tips and screw-like bottoms. While introducing extraordinary standoffs is the same as all-inclusive standoffs, you might find it challenging to discover a substitution piece if you lose any of your uncommon standoffs.


In this article, we have learned about different kinds of motherboard screws. Now, it’s time to tie up all the free ends with a fast outline of all the main focuses.

  • Usually, Motherboards don’t come with supplied mounting screws.
  • Mounting screws come provided together with your PC case.
  • You may require risers to lift your motherboard to the proper mounting height.
  • Risers assist you in managing all the wires and give airflow beneath the motherboard.
  • The Risers can be built into your case; otherwise, you may need to screw them yourself.
  • M.2 Screws, as a rule, come endorsed into the motherboard.
  • Cooling arrangement screws are provided with the cooling arrangement as each cooling arrangement is diverse.

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