Best Motherboard for Windows XP

Windows XP is a bit archaic, but it can still be installed on anything from the AM2/AM2+ era. The only thing you need to worry about if installing this operating system is that after 30 days there will be no way for an individual user to activate their copy of Windows unless they are connected to Microsoft’s servers online and willing to pay the monthly fees.

It also locks out access entirely when not activated after those first thirty days have passed so reinstallation would become necessary every month until you find yourself in a position where your computer has been able to see another decade past 2020; at which time I’m sure we’ll all really miss our old friend!

The FX-8350 is good for multi-threaded data crunching workloads and multi-tasking.

You could get the FX 8370 but it costs $30 more and might require a BIOS update, 4 GB of RAM as Windows XP is 32 bit, The GT 730 will work with Windows XP which has drivers.

This card has GDDR5 better than most other models that have DDR3; the most powerful card officially supports Windows XP would be a GTX 960 at 4GB.

DELL Optiplex, Intel Core 2 Duo 2600 MHz, 500Gig Serial ATA HDD, 2048mb Memory, DVD ROM, Windows XP Professional-Power Cord (Renewed)']

I think she could use a case with good airflow. It’s always nice to have an optical drive, and I recommend the 850 EVO SSD as it is generally quite reliable. She’ll need some decent fans for cooling her rig too – something better than stock ones!

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