Best Motherboard For i7 4770k – Reviews For 2021

To search for a motherboard is not an easy task for every game lover and user. But read this article because it has the best motherboards for i7 4770k, which gives you a gaming motherboard and helps your device and PC organize the whole system. For the best preference of a motherboard, you must examine its features and components.

Best Motherboard For i7 4770k

You are at the right place if you decide to get the best motherboard. In this article, we reviewed the best gaming motherboards with basic information about the features. In this article, you found the best motherboard for i7 4770k, which gives you very credibility not only in functions but also in performance.

This i7 4770k motherboard is not the new version but very supportive with a high frequency of 3.50 GHz. Its i7 4770k intel core processor is just amazing for gaming and working, and it will work double with some advanced functions like BIOS and PCB. Furthermore, these good motherboards for i7 4770k have other boosting and thrilling components in every motherboard like intel HD Graphics 4600, DDR3 memory with 1333 or 1600 memory, 3.5 GHz clock speed, 3.9 GHz intel Turbo boosting power, 8 MB stockpile, and also intel SpeedStep technology. All these features are compelling and very stable in performance.

 Because of its old version, when it demands some extra power, intel turbo boost technology fulfills its deficiency and facilitates an utmost frequency of 3.9 GHz. Likewise, this i7 processor has intel Virtualization Technology, which helps rectify productivity by sequestering evaluating workouts into the distinct enclosure. Some gamers love these motherboards, but others have an inaccurate opinion, but you will destroy all the illusion with this article.

All these motherboards run without any difficulty. In this article, we have a list of the best i7 4700k motherboards, so read carefully and specify an amazing motherboard.

Comparison Table of Best Motherboards For i7-4770k
    • Weight: 3.60 lbs
    • RAM Memory Technology: DDR3
    • Processor Socket: Available: LGA 1150
Check Price
    • Weight: 5.24 lbs
    • RAM Memory Technology: DDR3
    • Memory Slots Available: 4
Check Price
    • Weight: 4.10 lbs
    • RAM Memory Technology: DDR3
    • Processor Socket: LGA 1150
Check Price
    • Weight: 2.62 lbs
    • RAM Memory Technology: DDR3
    • Memory Slots Available: 4
Check Price
    • Weight: 4.44 lbs
    • RAM Memory Technology: DDR3
    • CPU Socket: LGA 1150
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1. MSI Z87-G45 GAMING Motherboard

Best Motherboard For i7 4770k

Look. At this best Motherboard for i7 4770k overclock, which is unique and authentic, that’s why we mentioned this at the very top of this dissertation for the best motherboard for i7 4770k. Suppose you glimpse at the enormous features in performance, and then you must appreciate this motherboard. This motherboard has multiple GPU systems, USB 3.0 with other SATA ports, DDR4 memory with 3000MHz, 4h Gen intel, fan supervision system, and high fan power for the demolition of heat and helps your PC to manage the system. Evaluate MSI X87-G45 gaming features. 

Memory system 

In this best motherboard i7 4770k, you may get high slots of memory and storage, which helps you transfer data with high-frequency speed. This motherboard has DDR3 memory with 3000 MHz. With this memory, you must get high gaming power when you elect to play a game. With this memory, you will be eligible to build your own PC and start gaming and working and boost your system. 


This motherboard is unique because it has multiple graphics and its ports with different frequencies. In this motherboard, three PCI Express 3.0 slit, NVIDIA, SLI, AMD Crossfire format when you celebrate the elevated graphics, and it also has HD Graphics with the powerful graphics card and GPU Virtualization technology which has MVP 2.0. It has adequate capacity for optimal airflow when the gamers decide to wield the various graphics cards. 


Audio is another essential feature that gives you a very soothing effect when you decide to play a game with the best audio system. In this motherboard, you get high audio because it has Gokden audio jacks, high capacitors if audio, 600 headphones amplifier, EMI audio shield codec, and stable audio performance, giving you advantages and very soothing and comfortable effects. With this MSI motherboard, you will find an immaculate and clear sound with a boost audio system. 

VGA boost system

The additional feature of this best motherboard for core 4770k is the VGA boost which has extra power and has the capacity to improve the power system. Moreover, bit upgrade the gaming power impediment if a graphics card is plugged into the gaming motherboard. It plainly works for the gaming graphics and better performance. This is performed by the power design for the PCI Express slot and the MSI gaming system’s pattern quality stem. 

Cooling system

This best motherboard for i7 4770k for gaming has unique features. The cooling system is an essential feature because it can manage the system and save your main components like CPU and processor. This motherboard has a fan control system like it creates the equilibrium between the fans to work properly without any problem. It has a MasI dragon structure that gives you more best thermal transfer and warmth intemperance. 

  • High-end audio capacitors
  • Beneficial ports
  • Easy to set in pc
  • Attractive design and layout 
  • Low Price 
  • Best brand
  • VGA boost system
  • 600 headphones amplifier 
  • Various graphics port 
  • Out of Stock 

Final Verdict

There are many motherboards for gaming but look at it’s features which are very powerful and supportive. This motherboard has multiple trademarks. And you can get this motherboard according to your budget and demands. This motherboard will help you to manage your os easily. So don’t waste your time and get rid motherboard.

2. Asus Z87-Deluxe Motherboard

Asus Z87-Deluxe Motherboard

Another very important motherboard for PC and gaming helps not only you in working but also your PC to work without any problem. This ASUS X87-Delux motherboard is the best and high demanding motherboard of the best motherboard for i7 4770k. This motherboard has various attractive functions like an intel Z87 chipset, DIGI+ POWER, and fans cooling system, best quality audio sound with high capacitors. Also, it has high data shifting speed and power points. Buy this best Asus motherboard for 4770k according to your budget and requirements. Evaluate this ASUS Z87-Deluxe motherboard’s features. 


USB ports us very an essential part of the motherboard. If a motherboard fails to perform and gives you the best USB ports, you can not play a game and get low power to support your PC, .but with this motherboard, you collect the best high USB ports USB 3.0 and also 20 Gbp/s momenta given by thunderbolt 2. Furthermore, USB boost technology also endorses UASP and USB 3.0. When you have the best USB boost technology, its power and acceleration are heightened more and more. 


This best Asus motherboard for Intel i7 has the best powerful features and texture that attract game lovers. First of all, this motherboard supports the 4th generation for the processor, LGA 1150, GPU, memory, DIGI power control, UEFI Clock, and various other functions that enhance its design. As well as this motherboard has a single chipset design like it has an Intel Z87 Express chipset. 


This motherboard has the best storage function With different ports and slots. In this motherboard, you will get some PCI Express 3.0, which gives you double stability with bare bandwidth for the other functions like X 16 and 32 GB/s and also, it has USB 3.0 for the panel on both sides, and it gives you more and more power with high velocity. Nonetheless, it also has SATA y GB/s that fit the function and adequately performance. 

  • Various PCI Express slots 
  • High cooling system 
  • Best protective comfortability 
  • DIGI power
  • Z87 chipset
  • High USB ports 
  • Thunderbolt 2 
  • Easy to set
  • Low budget 
  • Not proper function
  • Less features but not create an impact on the performance 

Final Verdict

Look at this best gaming motherboard for i7 4770k, which is very strenuous among the users and gamers. If you examine and read its features, then you also demand this best motherboard. Please don’t go here and there for the best motherboard because it is enough to fulfill your requirements. Also, it has a meager price which forces the people to get this motherboard. Don’t waste your precious time and avail this offer.

3. Gigabyte GA-Z97X-UD3H-BK (Black Edition) Motherboard

Gigabyte GA-Z97X-UD3H-BK Motherboard

This Gigabyte BGA-Z97X-UD-BK motherboard is another best motherboard from the best motherboard list for i7 4770k because it has the best working facility and high power to help your PC in distinct locations. This motherboard’s plus point is that it has been given to you at a meager price with many functions. This motherboard support 168-hour vitality, multi graphics cards, 2X copper design, 4x DDR4 memory, high-quality audio system with luxurious capacitors. Don’t waste your time on other products. Just pick this and get more advantages. Evaluate this Gigabyte GA-Z97X-UD3H-BK motherboard’s features. 


This motherboard has an awe-inspiring and glamorous design with the 5 Gen intel core processor and Gigabyte brand with extreme multi graphics accomplishment. Secondly, this motherboard is also designed with an OS driver, eFoS speed 2X copper PCB design, and also it has additional power when the system is required for overclocking. 


Another feature of the best mobo for i7 4770k is memory power which is a critical part of every PC. With low memory, you can not boost your os and gaming. This motherboard has various factors for the best storage. It has 10Gb/s, momentum if data and files shifting, SATA Revision 3 and storage power connector, SATA, PCI Express is holding by the SATA express, and it supports the considerable PCI Express and SATA 3.0 6Gb/s. All these factors have a relation with others which gives the functionality. 


This best Gigabyte motherboard for i7 4770k supports various functions, which have various powerful internal factors that support the main factor to work properly. In this motherboard, you will find multiple audio channels with ALC 1150b, high audio codec, HD audio capacitors, and 2 channels of dominant stereo, 7.1 channel HD audio, and further ALC1150 furnishes ten DAC channels, 115 dB SNR, and also it has NS technology. Again, this motherboard has two Stereo ADC’s and various other functions that give you more energy to work properly with clean and clear noise and sound.  

Cooling system 

If we look at this best i7 4770k motherboard for the combo, then we realize that in this motherboard, there is a heat sink layout which gibes the best booking system so that we protect our CPU and processor. As well as Heatsink function gibes the protection to the PWM and PCH. Besides, there is the function of fan power control and OPT fan, which has CPU fan pin headers, and we use these fan headers for the high rated and powerful performance. 

  • A lot of trademarks 
  • Low budget motherboard
  • Internal memory connector 
  • PWM PCH in the cooling system 
  • 7.1 HD audio
  • 2 x copper HD design 
  • RED LED light 
  • Sometimes fan doesn’t work proper
  • Little bit costly 

Final Verdict 

Are you searching for the best intel CPU and motherboard combo but do not know any motherboard, then look at this motherboard. It will give you adequate knowledge about the powerful features which are very favorable for gaming. When you pick this motherboard, you become happy because of its result and performance.

4. ASRock H97 PRO4 Motherboard

Best Motherboards For i7 4770k

Additional motherboard from the list of best motherboards for i7 4770k with various features and advantages is very helpful for your PC and gaming. If you entirely read its features and its trademarks, then you realize its superb result. This motherboard has 5th gen intel core with socket 1150, heavy capacitors, a threefold monitor, 7.1 HD audio sound and DDR3 memory, DIMM slots, ELNA audio capacitors, PCI Express slots for the storage and functions as well, as it has various powerful internal capacitors and authentic design. If you get this motherboard, then you will boost your PC. This motherboard is available at a very reasonable price to help you get this for the best gaming and working experience. Evaluate this ASRock H97 PRO LGA 1151 motherboard’s features. 


This motherboard is very powerful because it has the best memory system with high memory power and internal slots. This motherboard has dual-channel DDR4 and DDR3 L memory, DIMM slots, 32 GB of memory with the capacity of the memory system, and XMP ( Extreme Power profile). Further, it has 4GB and 32-bit, and 64 -bit. This power of memory will support your PC for the next work. 


Another feature of this motherboard is a graphics card with the best power to deport the Audio and video cards. This motherboard has HD graphics cards, 3D intel clear video HD technology, HD Graphics 4400, pixel shader 5.0, and a memory of 512 MB. Similarly, every graphic port has numerous frequencies in this motherboard, but every graphics port has 1920 x 1200 MHz and subsidizes HDCP, HDMI, and display port. 

Audio system 

Another function of this best intel motherboard for i7 4770k is audio which is essential and powerful for the sound system. When we have an audio system with an irritating and buzzing noise, we can not enjoy gaming and working. This motherboard has 7.1 Channel HD audio with ALC892 audio codec, ELNA audio caps, and Blu-ray Audio. All these functions are very confirmation for gaming.  

Power connector 

If we examine the best motherboard for Intel 4770k deeply, we find various internal power connectors that support the system inwardly. This motherboard has various power connectors like 1 x power fan connector, 2 x coup fan connector, 2 x CPU fan connectors, 1 x PCI power connectors, 2 x USB 2.0 headers, 1 x front panel audio connector, 1 x 24 pin tax power connector and so on. That’s why this motherboard is extremely good for gaming.

  • 2 x CPU fan connectors 
  • Internal power connector 
  • Blu-ray audio system
  • 7.1 HD channel audio
  • 3D clear HD audio 
  • DDR3L memory
  • Handful features
  • Expensive 
  • Issues with setup 

Final Verdict

This motherboard is beautiful and highly demanding in this article because all its features are highly supportive, especially for your PC. It helps your PC control the system according to the need. Don’t scroll here and there. Just read this motherboard’s features so that you get this for the best gaming motherboard.

5. ASUS Z97-DELUXE Motherboard

ASUS Z97-DELUXE Motherboard

This best Asus motherboard for i7 is unique and stands at a very high ranking from the list of the best motherboard for i7 4770k due to its features, especially its brand, ASUS. No doubt this motherboard is very strenuous among the other game lovers and game enthusiasts. This motherboard has an Intel socket, 32 GB of RAM, VARIOUS ports like USB, PCI Express HDMI, etc. It also has SATA III ports, wireless commerce, and a desirable design with colorful LED light strips, as well as it has a meager price that comforts everyone so that they boost their PC with this ASUS brand motherboard. Evaluate this ASUS Z97-Deluxe motherboard’ features. 


Another feature of this motherboard is RAM strength which has a various system of RAM, and it has an ATX configuration facet with four DIMM slots, which has 32GB of DDR3 RAM power (non-ECC unbuffered) with the momentum if different numbers like 3300 OC, 3200OC, 3100OC, 3000OC…1866 OC and 1600OC and 1333MHz. But from this memory speed, 1600 MHz, which is the maximum memory speed. 

Memory system 

This best Asus motherboard for i7 4770k is loaded with high-rated features that are supportive and comfortable. If you examine this motherboard, then you may find various ports of memory like 2 x SATA Express, 1 x M.2 Socket, 4 x SATA III 6 Gb/s power connectors, 4 x USB 2.0 or 3.0, 6 x USB 3.0 port, and also it has various PCI Express slots which are very supportive like PCI Express 3.0 and 2.0, x16, and x8, PCI Express 2.0 x 16 slots and essential it has thunderbolt two which has 20 Gb/s momenta. 

Audio system 

The following feature of this motherboard is an audio system that is sufficient for the PC and helps the software clean the irritating sound. This motherboard has eight-channel HD audio, 104 dB SNR, recording yield, 2.4 and 5Ghz 802.11ac, blue tooth 4.0 connectivity, Crystal sound 2, 112 dB DNR, 192 kHz, and 24 bit as well, as it has high audio capacitors. All the system gives you the better sound while you are playing and gaming. 


Another feature of this best Asus motherboard for Intel i7 4770k is the Best GPU system. This motherboard has a best graphics card, and also it’s ported which works better and increase the energy and support the other function. This motherboard has an Intel HD Graphics Card with 1 x Mini Display Port, 1 x Display Port, 1 x HDMI port with a high velocity of 512 MB with the three displays. Each graphics card port has various frequencies like Mini display port can hood 4096 x 2160, HDMI port holds determination if 4096 x 2160 and display port have the same frequency supported by Mini display port. Furthermore, it has multi GPU graphics, like 3-way crossfire, AMD-3, and GPU SLI. 


This motherboard is designed with various functions that are must attract users and game lovers. This motherboard is furnished with Z97 Express Chipset, Intel LGA 1150, and generation with 4th, 5th, with the Core i3, i5, i7 Pentium, and this motherboard is equipped with the other functions that enhance its quality. Likewise, you will examine in this motherboard 6 x SATA III 6 Gb/s, M.2 consent and high audio capacitors and HD graphics cards. 

  • Loaded trademarks 
  • Z87 chipset
  • Various ports
  • Hd graphics 
  • 4 x USB 2.0
  • Crystal sound 2
  • 512 MBs memory 
  • Low price
  • Heating issue

Final Verdict

This motherboard is available at a meager price for the sake of every help of a person. In this motherboard, you will find some extra features which give you a very comfortable effect and performance. Don’t waste your time on the other motherboard. Because after using this motherboard you must feel delighted and tension free. This motherboard gives you advantages and stability in performance.

Frequently asked Questions

Is i7 4770 good for gaming?

In this guide, we reviewed the best motherboard for the users. Still, people sometimes do not read the whole article. They think that their motherboards are not good because it has low strength and old version .but still you can see that these motherboards are excellent not only in gaming but also in the working as well as all these motherboards have the capacity to help you when you decide to build your own PC. These motherboards are filled with demonstrative functions like high cooling power, which supports some other functions, best HD audio capacitors graphics card with a different port. Also, these motherboards very desirable features and easy setup for every PC due to their size and layout. So don’t skip these motherboards because it is not only good for gaming but also your PC. 

Which motherboard is very suitable for better performance?

We say it is a challenging task if we talk about the best motherboard for Hackintosh i7 gaming and working. But Jn this article, we give you a complete list of the best motherboards for i7 4770k. But from all these motherboards, there is one motherboard we recommend you for gaming. That is ASUS Z-97 Deluxe which is a perfect motherboard for gaming. This best gaming motherboard for i7 4770k is filled with components and features that help your PC work properly and manage all the systems. In this motherboard, you will enjoy 32 GB of RAM, DDR3 memory, 4 x SATA III 6gb/s, HD Graphics Card, GPU and AMD SLI, and a high audio system with crystal sound 2. This motherboard is available in shops at a very cheaper budget. So don’t waste money and time pick this motherboard and get extra benefits. 

Can we go with any i7 4770k motherboard for gaming?

This question is actually straightforward because there is no issue in the motherboards presented by i7 4700k. Some people think that this motherboard has low capacity and 4th gen intel core processor, which is not very sufficient, and also it has DDR3 memory, which creates issues sometimes. All these are just misconceptions about these motherboards. These motherboards have the best power capacitors for gaming, high memory power, the best audio system, low budget motherboards, and gives you more benefits for gaming. These motherboards are adequate for gaming and your computer. Don’t waste your time on the other less featured motherboard. Try these best gaming motherboards for i7 4770k, and surely you will be happy and relax with the i7 4770k motherboards. 


There is the best gaming motherboard in this article. If you read out all these products, you may select from the best gaming motherboard. We know everyone shouldn’t select the best motherboard for i7 4770 with lots of features and a low price. Through this article, you get the best motherboard fit, i7 4770k. All these motherboards are comfortable with heavy functionality and stability. If you go to another spot, you find nothing but costly. But here you find and get a lew budget with high-rated components. Don’t be very harsh when you select the best motherboard for gaming because it will give you only loss, so stay here and read the best motherboard and pick up the best motherboard, which is very suitable for you and your PC. 

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