Motherboards: ATX vs Micro ATX Motherboard – What’s the Difference?

Are you feel dissatisfied while preferring the atx vs Micro ATX Motherboard? But you don’t have any specific information about what is ATX and micro ATX Motherboard?

So let me a comparison on micro atx motherboard vs atx. But before comparison, we were hankering to instruct you about the basic information about the motherboards.  Through this article, you must pick a sense about the best Motherboard. Hope you will get great information about atx motherboard vs micro atx.

ATX vs Micro ATX Motherboard

Product 1
ATX Motherboard
Product 2
Micro ATX Motherboard
ATX Motherboard
Micro ATX Motherboard
CPU Socket
CPU Socket
Socket AM4
Socket AM4
RAM Technology
RAM Technology
Memory Speed
Memory Speed
2133 MHz
2400 MHz
Memory Storage
Memory Storage
64 GB
128 GB
Ryzen 5000
Wireless Type
Wireless Type
Item Weight
Item Weight
‎3 pounds
‎2.05 pounds

There are many types of Motherboard for PC, desktop and software, but you need to go through about the two important motherboards like ATX and micro ATX Motherboard. If you have the obligation of 4 PCle slots than we are offering you atx but if you search impenetrable PC than select micro ATX Motherboard.

In 1995, ATX Motherboard was grown-up aside Intel for the former cultivation. Most people don’t know about the exact capacity of ATX Motherboard that is 12 x 9.6, and micro ATX Motherboard is 9.6 x 9.6 and micro ATX Motherboard is furnished after two years of atx motherboard. Similarly, size, capacity, power and formats are essential features of every motherboard.

Multiple motherboards are available in markets with various texture, colour, format, design, and size. But most frequently motherboard for your PC is ATX and micro ATX Motherboard. However, each motherboard has its own distinctiveness with a bundle of components as well as, we create an authentic and prompting articles about atx and micro ATX Motherboard and all its components individually.

What is the ATX Motherboard?

ATX vs Micro ATX Motherboard

Atx motherboard is an authoritative motherboard for your workstation due to the huge size resist four appended RAM up to 16GB. That’s why it is highly suitable for your PC. Additionally, with RAM power this motherboard has twins of onboard controllers preconceived interior derives as well as it can make strides various cards for the graphics cards.

Most users search best gaming abilities in every motherboard, and all these functions overclocking authority and force is a figure that ultimate of the elevated gaming feature. And overclocking of this Motherboard is not affected by its size and format. ATX Motherboard has very genuine trademarks like VEM and MOSFETs for a heatsink that thing forces the buyers for PC.

Atx motherboard has ultra memory power than the other motherboards if various types. It has four DIMMs, and sky-scraping frequency retention calibre is comprehensive in ATX Motherboard, for example, one of the motherboards has 3400 MHz of recognition calibre.

This Motherboard is unique due to its low energy at mere 3.3 volts, and its budget is very reasonable and provides high power that works with duality and saves the PC from heatsink due to fewer volts when it touches to much heat than fan headers protect your workstation from danger.

This ATX Motherboard has unique because its components are better than micro ATX Motherboard, it is holding USB 3.0 ports, M.2 slots, six SATA slots and PCI expansion cards that work authentic in large motherboard but the mini motherboard has not featured like. You can select this ATX Motherboard without any risk.

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What is a speciality in Micro ATX Motherboard?

Micro ATX Motherboard is another motherboard which has various powerful features that perform dual power for your PC and software. Micro ATX Motherboard has an inventory agreement components that best in Performing with the little format that holding considerable less unfolding dilemma.

This Motherboard props up ultra slots for memory, and it has not only PCle slots but also carry RAM card. Its small format works unlimited like the large size and helps you to set up in every workstation for gaming. All its individual slots underpin to 32GB of RAM space as well well as has I/O panel and two independent slots for RAM cards.

This outstanding motherboard helps you to create your own PC because all its functions and components work better and enlarged to 4 slots even has seven slots for either PCI-Express. Additionally, Micro atx motherboard has best design processors, dual GPU and quad-channel recapture structure, grand stage of power architecture, and Mostly it supports 4 increased slots with the size.

This Motherboard available in very lowest price but will find extra power like USB 3.0 ports, four SATA slots, and four DIMMs oppose superlative recapture hold up of 64GB and prop up high overclocking power with M.2 slots as well as it works according to your fulfilment and gives you reliability.

This best micro ATX Motherboard has various slots like PCle x16 for a graphics card, but different motherboard also underpins two PCle x16 for approach polished representatives that work better performance.

ATX vs Micro ATX Motherboard

What is the estimation between ATX vs Micro ATX Motherboard?

There is grand differentiate between motherboard atx vs micro atx that thing confused the game lovers or users to select one of the unique.  Both these motherboards stock up bountiful above retention space to escape. Ultimate games, but if you resist ATX Motherboard than indulge greatest memory space.

On the other side, Micro ATX Motherboard is straightforwardly a more sophisticated set oppose your body or PC. Still, all the atx motherboard are composition to power the ultimate strapping PCs approximately. All the contractors scarcely originate use of the crowd lurking that ATX Motherboard.

Atx motherboard is filled with 6x SATA3 slots, and 4 USB 3.0 ports and has 12 phase power architecture VRM while micro ATX Motherboard is furnished with 4 or 6 SATA slots and 2 USB 3.0 ports as well as 9 phase power architecture VRM resist four enlarge slots.

The main distinction between both of this micro ATX motherboard or ATX is several enlarging and amplification slots as ATX Motherboard has space preconceived seven PCI-E slots as well as permits you to lodge 7 individual slot PCI evolution cards.

Micro ATX Motherboard is furnished in tinny size while ATX Motherboard is equipped with the largest format. The mini size does happen and available at a heavy amount as well as doesn’t hold up the upgrade competence independent that a huge embodiment portion has in it.

Furthermore, the other form of comparison between both motherboard is that Micro ATX Motherboard is accessible to resist anywhere three 1x PCI-E x16 and 2x PCI-E x1. Still, on the other hand, ATX Motherboard has all over six PCl slots 3x PCI-E x16 and 3x PCI-E x1. This pinching lowest space for affixing such as vibrant, GPU, network and occupation.

About RAM slots, ATX Motherboard and micro ATX Motherboard can make an animation from 4 slots under to two slots. But there is a suggestion to you if you want and a questing bundle of ports for your PC or workstation than must go with ATX Motherboard. You can find more information about ATX Motherboard at our content list.  Now, we estimate these motherboards with various components.

  • RAM


RAM power is one of the essential factors of comparison between both motherboard atx or micro ATX. Both motherboards have 4 RAM slots where the as mini itx motherboard doesn’t support 4 slots of RAM. But usually, most energetic ATX Motherboards has all over eight RAM slots.

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Micro ATX and atx motherboard carry 64GB RAM but sometimes ATX Motherboard imitation can active all the manner up to 512GB, and micro ATX Motherboard dummy go with grand  128GB.

This product has two additional RAM slots that can accommodate cards of up to 32GB. That allows you to make your PC with dual RAM slots for better performance because this will help you to create 32GB of storage which, i.e. enough for your gaming and most other various tasks are given by workstation.

  • Size

ATX vs Micro ATX Motherboard

Another hallmark of their estimate is the size which is really a necessity for working and set up. Difference between micro atx vs atx motherboard size because all the motherboards have not the same texture and format, all are furnished with various design. Both motherboards are also not equal in a form factor that is essential for size.

The ATX Motherboard is architected with large format or size 305 by 204mm, due to the grand texture this Motherboard has four video cards, and its biggest shape will help you to set up easily.

While if you go with micro atx motherboard, you will find small format  244mm by 244 mm. The small size of the micro ATX Motherboard doesn’t produce any effects while using, but you must select best that easily set in your software.

But when we pick a motherboard size is preferable but you don’t need to get frustrated because each size of the motherboard can fit easily in your PC.

  • PCle slots

PCle slots

With RAM power there are another big and great components that have a difference between atx motherboard vs atx that is PCle slots. Micro ATX Motherboard has 4 powerful slots similarly ATX Motherboard has given you great powerful slots like seven PCIe slots. PCle slots work for various cards like the graphics card and vibrant cards and other multiple cards.

PCle slots are powerful hardware interface for relating peripheral instruments like GPU and for gaming and high grand performance or fulfilment. Micro ATX  4 PCle slots help you in better performance while atx motherboard allows you to count up affixed contrivance to your software.

All the PCle slots in various motherboard help you to better and grand performance in sound experience and improving your various cards. But you can go with ATX Motherboard because it has more PCle slots than the other motherboards.

  • Price


Price is the first superiority of every user while taking a motherboard for PC. Most people want mouthful components or features at the lowest price.

Micro ATX vs Mini ITX Motherboard: Micro ATX and mini itx motherboard are different in price as well as characteristics. The micro ATX Motherboard structure and size has a comparatively very lowest budget than the other various motherboards.

Due to its tinny size mostly people prefer this Motherboard with outstanding performance as well as its smaller texture or formate will give you a relief to the gamers comfortably in performing well with PC.

While on the other stage, ATX Motherboard is approximate with micro atx motherboard these motherboards give you plenty of features in lowest price with easily available in markets.

The ATX Motherboard is very helpful in performing and highly demanding for the fulfilment of gaming, working and PC. But you can go with micro atx motherboard its is very lowest budget motherboard than atx motherboard because ATX Motherboard is a little bit costly for your pocket but will give you better performance as well as rendition the high inclusive monetary worth for your income if you demand the more PCle slots.

Pros And Cons Of ATX Motherboard
Pros And Cons Of Micro-ATX Motherboard
  • Cheapest price motherboard
  • Easily set up
  • Better ram power than mini
  • Good working
  • Set in average format PC.
  • Smaller size and structure
  • Less PCle slots

Frequently Asked Questions

Is anything wrong with using Micro ATX Motherboard?

There are no issues with the micro atx motherboard, but people don’t prefer it due to less PCle slots or its tinny size. Atx motherboard has the largest format and 7 PCle slots and extra memory power and easy to fit in every PC. But if you want to build your PC, you can take both these motherboards, not only atx motherboard because micro ATX Motherboard or atx has the same outstanding performance and help the other functions in setup.

What’s the mean of atx on a motherboard?

The really mean of atx is advanced technology extended, ATX Motherboard is furnished in 1995 to cultivate former information official and classic such as the AT delineation as well as its format that attractive for the people are 12 x 9.0, additionally, has USB 3.0 at lowest price with superb classified performance. Further, ATX Motherboard permits crowded ATX chassis to obtain Micro ATX Motherboard.

Which motherboard is available on the cheapest budget?

There are three main motherboards like ATX, Micro ATX motherboard and Mini ITX motherboard. All are well in performance and working and have multiple functions. Still, the question is about the motherboard, which can help you build a PC for gaming and help you perform better and doesn’t create millstone on your pocket.

Then we authorized you to go with a micro atx motherboard because it has USB 3.0 and 4 PCle slots. This Motherboard has less power than the ATX Motherboard. But it performs like ATX Motherboard and available at the lowest price in markets. By taking ATX Motherboard, you will be satisfied with its functions and conditions.

Can we select both ATX or micro ATX Motherboard for Gaming?

You can go with both these motherboards, but there is a comparison between them. ATX is a little bit expensive and creates a burden on your budget, while on the other hand, Micro ATX Motherboard is culminating for cost and pocket-friendly.
Micro ATX Motherboard has the same outstanding components and functions that atx motherboard. But the original difference which creates perplexing among the users is PCle slots and VRM for overclocking. ATX Motherboard better presents these two things.


In the completion, your confusion will be finished after going through the whole article. All the detail about ATX vs Micro ATX Motherboard which one is best and comfortable in using. ATX Motherboard is most preferable and demanding due to its enlarge features like 7 PCle slots and USB 3.0 additionally, and large size attracts the users. On the other hand, its price is comparable to the micro ATX Motherboard.

ATX Motherboard is a little bit expensive with it handful and unlimited best outstanding components and performance. But meanwhile,  you can pick micro atx motherboard it is quite easy in set-up and installs. But have less PCle slots AMD tinny size but work like atx motherboard in performing.

Also, according to the gamers or users, atx motherboard is preferable up to atx motherboard. So don’t waste your energy in selecting the motherboard. After reading this whole article, you pick an idea about which one is the best and according to your requirements.

Let us know about your decision that micro atx vs atx motherboard which motherboard is very suitable to your PC and which one you pick through the comment box.

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