Are Motherboard Screws Universal?

Don’t worry. Those are universal screws, and should work on pretty much any motherboard and case.”Are all motherboard screws the same and if so, can they be interchanged between different motherboards?”

They are Not Universal?

No, As you can see here there are different lengths of screws, and they often have differing head types to go into different sized holes.

are motherboard screws universal

One great example is these so-called “Phillips” head screws… as seen here [picture], while the pictures may look like the same thing at first glance, they definitely have differences. The odd one out being this motherboard screw on the right… it has a flat top rather than a pointy one.

So can I interchange any Motherboard Screw?

Technically yes, if you’re willing to deal with potentially stripping your motherboard’s threading. But it’s usually a bad idea to mix up motherboard screws unless you’re certain they are identical in every way, including length. I’d say for the most part that’s probably not worth it, especially considering you can buy replacement ones relatively cheap.”

I’m no expert on magnets but I do know that ferromagnets (the kind we use in electronics) have their north and south poles aligned along an axis within the crystal structure of the substance. Magnetic materials such as aluminum foil where one end is positively charged and the other negatively charged will naturally align with each other.

So, you’ve bought a new motherboard and case. You put your CPU in, mounted the CPU cooler, added the RAM, and you’re all set. You now want to put the motherboard into the case, but you notice that the motherboard screws are nowhere to be found. You wonder whether you can use your old motherboard’s screws to put it in.

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